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How far?
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Ucsdryder 22-Dec-18
ACB 22-Dec-18
GF 22-Dec-18
Buffalo1 22-Dec-18
Ziek 22-Dec-18
t-roy 22-Dec-18
c3 22-Dec-18
nmarchr 22-Dec-18
Trial153 22-Dec-18
drycreek 22-Dec-18
Bowboy 22-Dec-18
From: Ucsdryder
So to piggy back on the last thread, how far have you shot in practice? Fixed Broadheads, mechanical Broadheads, field points.

I’ve shot fixed and field points to 100. My slider will go past that but I haven’t really had the desire yet to stretch farther.

From: ACB
Back in the 80’s and 90’s at House we lived in my target was set up in a place I could practice to150 and did regularly. But where I live now and have my target set I can only shoot 120 so that is my max now .

From: GF

GF's embedded Photo
GF's embedded Photo
I shoot 65 to 80+ every time I hit the club.

This was a walk-up from about 60. Best shot of the bunch was around 50-55, down a hill... Closest shot was on the line, but high.

From: Buffalo1
I practice to 45 yds. That will be max distance in 3-D’s. And an animal would have to be world record, broadsided, and standing still before I would try that distance on live game. I’m only shooting 52# now. “Man’s has got to know his limitations!”

From: Ziek
"...animal would have to be world record..."

There is no doubt that many variables might need to be considered when determining max distance in a particular situation, but "trophy size" is NEVER one of them.

From: t-roy
I’m betting Buffalo1’s post was tongue in cheek.

I’ve shot targets out to 120yds, but it’s been awhile.

From: c3
I've tested my sight to 103 yards before the vanes hit the housing. Needless to say I hit everything perfect until that distance, right up until I don't :)

I shot a 309 at 90m with a recurve in competition once. That was all 36 arrows inside an 8" circle at 98 yards. Does that count ???

Cheers, Pete

From: nmarchr
I’ve shot out to 140 with both fieldtips and broadheads. I try to shoot daily to at least 120. I enjoy practicing at longer ranges.

From: Trial153
I can shoot out as far far as I want at my house. In all honestly I rarely practice past 75 yards. I just dont see where it improves anything for me.

From: drycreek
I USED TO shoot at 70 yards, but there's a lot of stuff I USED TO DO. Thirty is more like it now.

From: Bowboy
I've practiced out to 105yds. Currently I only practice to 90yds. At my house I and can pretty well shoot out to 200yds plus.

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