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RAGE Outlawed in 7 States!
Whitetail Deer
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Ambush 23-Dec-18
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From: Ambush
A seven state panel of biologist, scientists and experts in the field have been meeting for the past few months behind closed doors. They have declared that the participating states will no longer allow Rage mechanical broad heads to be used for deer hunting. The Rage broad head models will be listed on the new multi state panel's website and also bold'ed and highlighted on each state's Fish and Game website.

Said the spoke's man for the panel: "We know this is not going to be popular with a number of hunters, but sometimes the popular thing is not the right thing."

One of the experts explained that in CWD positive locations they cannot allow the two huge paths of blood and fluids, caused by the "axe like" wounds to bath the ground and infect the earth with dangerous prions. Many of these "double gushers" go out to twenty yards from point of impact to falling dead. One expert heard a report of at least one very large buck making it fifty yards, but did concede it was not verified.

The panel's spokesman also said they will be spreading the word through outdoor writer's media and through the writers' close, bow hunting legend friends.

From: DoorKnob
Crock, gotta link?

From: RutnStrut
You know it's not April 1st, right?

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