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Proud dad... again
Small Game
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Fuzz 23-Dec-18
Scoot 23-Dec-18
GLP 23-Dec-18
t-roy 23-Dec-18
wyobullshooter 23-Dec-18
DeerMount 23-Dec-18
From: Fuzz
I was away from home and my 17 yr old daughter calls me the other night and she's all fired up. She had pulled in the driveway after work and sees a possum coming out of the barn and heading towards the pasture. So she runs in the house, grabs her bow and flashlight and proceeds to go hunting for the aforementioned vermin. She was "terrified" while looking for it but felt better because a barn cat was with her! Lmao!! But alas, it was not to be and she didn't get a shot.

I was pretty proud and got a good chuckle out of it, then she says "I made sure I grabbed an arrow with a used broadhead!"....

I think she's gonna do just fine in life.

From: Scoot
Sounds like a girl with her head on straight! She's been taught well.

From: GLP
Thanks for posting this ! Enjoyed it! Greg

From: t-roy
My wife has a baseball bat sitting in the corner, just for the grinners that show up on the deck.

Good on her...and good on her proud papa as well!

From: DeerMount
Love it! Parenting done right.

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