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Anyone use G5 Montecs ?
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Anyone use these Broadhead? Have bloodtrails been ok?

From: rattles33
Used to use them. Used to. They can go thru a brick wall, but blood trails were very poor compared to other fixed such as slicks or shuttle t.

From: milnrick
I've used them since they first came on the market.

Accurate, durable and effective. We've killed deer, hogs, bears and a gaggle of exotics with them. Blood trails have been very good, but I also think it's more a matter of shot placement.

From: Redskin
Have used them for the last 11 years. Took one 5x5 bull (Pass through) and a number of whitetail bucks/does - pretty much every year. I expect a pass though with every deer shot and they have not failed me. Tuning compared to field points has never been a problem. Some have complained about sharpness and lack of blood trails. I keep them shaving sharp and have not had a problem with blood trails. I've convinced a couple hunting buddies after seeing my success and they are having similar results. You do have to sharpen them out of the package. They are not good to go right from the store, IMO.

From: tobinsghost
Redskin X2 .

I do think my Exodus heads are just better at making a hole that blood flows out of easier.

From: Bou'bound
Never felt good about sharpness

From: Scott/IL
Killed quite a few critters with them when they came out. They’re about on par with all other fixed heads that are in that price range from what I’ve seen.

If I was going to shoot a G 5 head it would be the "Striker", now that is sharp

From: skull
I shoot a few bears never had a good luck with it

From: cmbbulldog
The elk I have shot with them have died within sight. Get a broadhead that shoots good for your setup and put that thru the lungs of an elk... they don’t go far when you do this.

From: PECO
My wife and I have killed mule deer and white tail with them. They do need to be sharpened out of the package. I have since switched to VPA, the wife still uses them.

From: Buglmin
I've used the G5 Montecs from my stick bows with excellent results and great blood trails. One bear and mule deer, the 100 grainers have performed perfectly. I switched to 125 grains last December cause my arrows were stiff from my compound, and the results were fantastic. Just cause a head doesn't leave a good blood trail doesn't mean it's the heads issue. Most guys don't know how to sharpen a three bladed head. Love the Montecs.

Thanks for all the replies , I agree you need to sharpen out of package but I can get them to shave hair. Been shooting recurves for 30+ years and recently switched to compound. Killed a doe last week with one but it was an unusual situation so I couldn’t say it was typical shot.

From: SlipShot
I have killed several elk with them, they shoot very well. I purchased some when I was unable to find any strikers. Montec and Striker shoot the same out of my bow. I prefer the striker. As mentioned I was always weary about how dull they felt, this is due to the angle of the cutting edge.

From: Elkoholic
Used them when they first came out. It was like having a whistle on my arrow.

From: StickFlicker
I wasn't happy with the blood trails, so don't often use them anymore. Also, I found them very difficult to sharpen and keep sharp.

I killed a couple elk and a moose with them. They worked just fine, but got tired of sharpening broadheads. I shoot Slick Trick Vipertricks these days.

Double post

From: Ucsdryder
I could never get them sharp. Killed a black tail buck and he made it about 40 yards. There are too many better options out there now.

From: Buckeye
I use them and love the results they give me!! However, I prefer the Montec CS over the stailess. Way sharper!

Won't shoot any other broadhead as long as Montec's are still being sold.

From: Scar Finga
I used them and did not care for them, marginal blood trails even with pass throughs. So many better heads out there JMHO.

From: backstraps
I had great luck with them. Switched because I'm a gear junky, had some epic fails with Ulmer Edge and Shuttle T as well as the 4 mm slick trick. Although I believe that was a different issue ( not enough strength above threads). Now I'm back to Montec with two great muley kills this year. Won't be switching any time soon.

From: Ermine
The sharpness always seemed to be lacking in my opinion

From: Junior
Imo...they fly as good as any fixed out...but you need arrrow weight and usually they are trashed afterwards so its a one shot deal. Not always but about 80% for us.

From: Greg S
I’ve had excellent results with them. Prefer the CS or the 125gr regular

From: brunse
Used them in the past. Good head. Magnus snuffers ss are so similar I switched because the magnus have lifetime warranty. It only matters when you shoot a lot of broadheads. Occasionally they hit each other. Send them in get new one returned.

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