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Merry Christmas from Shiloh Ranch!
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BowhuntKS 25-Dec-18
INbowdude 25-Dec-18
boothill 25-Dec-18
Treeline 25-Dec-18
mrfox16 25-Dec-18
foxwillkill 25-Dec-18
Scar Finga 25-Dec-18
bad karma 25-Dec-18
Arrowflinger 26-Dec-18

Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
Cheryl and I would like to say, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all our friends and aquaintences. It's been a pleasure meeting so many and getting to host your hunts here at Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp. We hope this has been the best year you've had and that the upcoming year brings you peace, health and joy! Thanks! Matt and Cheryl Shiloh Ranch

From: BowhuntKS
Merry Christmas to both of you. Hope you have a great new year. See you in hog camp 2019. Scott

From: INbowdude
Happy Holidays to the Shiloh Crew from a weak man! LOL. Thanks for all the great hunts and I'm looking forward to Porkapalooza 13!

From: boothill
Merry Christmas to the Shiloh crew! Another hunt in the books and looking forward to the future hunts with you.

From: Treeline
Merry Christmas!

From: mrfox16
Merry Christmas. See you in 2 months

From: foxwillkill
Merry Christmas to all of you.

From: Scar Finga
Merry Christmas, I can't wait to come there! God Bless and keep those threads coming!

From: bad karma
Wonderful Christmas at Shiloh, having left on the 23rd. Great camp, excellent hunting and wonderful hosts. It's a blessing to go to Shiloh Ranch.

From: Arrowflinger
Merry Christmas!

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