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Whitetail Deer
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buckeye 28-Dec-18
grubby 28-Dec-18
JTV 28-Dec-18
drycreek 28-Dec-18
Mulehorn 28-Dec-18
Drop Tine 28-Dec-18
From: buckeye
just recently purchased a new home on three wonderful acres. a nice sized creek runs along the west side and i will definitely be setting some mink/coon traps this evening. I would like to also do some coyote/fox trapping but my concern is blowing the deer off the property with yotes making catch circles and stinking up the place. the deer sign on this small piece is unreal and bowhunting will always take priority over the trapping. i know in the long haul id be doing the deer a favor but at the moment these deer havnt been hunted here in a long time and i dont wanna screw up a golden opportunity at takin a crack at un-pressured deer. maybe save the yote catchin after archery season ends? thoughts?

From: grubby
In MN coyotes are considered vermin and can be trapped year around. I snare them after deer season, shoot them when the opportunity arises and trap them in late summer when the pups get active.

From: JTV
wait till season ends, are Snares legal there ? I love snaring 'yotes and my 22-250 takes it share also every season ..... 3 acres aint much, the deer will come and go ... same for the 'yotes .....

From: drycreek
If you only have three acres you need to be concerned about dogs your neighbors may have. Dogs lay around all day and then roam all over at night if left unattended. I had to stop trapping on my 217 acre place because I caught too many dogs. I can't imagine trapping on three acres if you have any neighbor dogs.

From: Mulehorn
Lots of deer sign would tell me the deer are comfortable there. Leave it till your season is over.

From: Drop Tine
Three acres isn’t enough to bow hunt and recover deer on your property. Better get in touch with the neighbors before hunting and see if they would let you recover your deer.

As far as trapping goes do it after deer season if the neighbors don’t have pets that roam. (Which they shouldn’t) but that’s a whole another battle.

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