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Browning- Hells Canyon Clothing
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Scar Finga 31-Dec-18
Scrappy 31-Dec-18
huntinelk 31-Dec-18
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7mm08 01-Jan-19
Scar Finga 01-Jan-19
From: Scar Finga
Hello ladies and gents, Do any of you have any experience with Brownings Hells canyon clothing?

Rain suits, insulating clothing or the pants in particular? Any input would be grearly appretiated! I am looking at some more for my wife more than for than for for me, I just want to know if it's any good.

Thank You, and Happy New Year!


From: Scrappy
I don't have any experience with it but camofire has several pieces up today.

From: huntinelk
I bought a vest for my son. I found it cheaper than camofire had it, and I'm very happy with the quality for the price.

From: yooper89
A buddy of mine used it on a rifle hunt 3rd season for elk. For the price - he liked it.

From: lawdy
Years ago I bought Gator Fleece from Browning. Best camo ever. I still use it if it rains and isn’t really cold out.

I have a primaloft puffy, a Tommy boy jacket, and the puffy pants with primaloft insulation. They are the one's with the built in suspenders. They are all great values and do very well. They all pack extremely well.

The pants are not made for walking as you will literally bust into flames in them if you try. I like the side zips and easy on off attribute though. Perfect for putting on after getting set up. The 100 gram puffy jacket is great down to 25-30 degree with a decent base layer and a wool button up shirt. Anything colder requires a vest. The Tommy Boy parka is good down to about 20 with just a base layer and a wool shirt. It really is remarkably warm, light, and packs extremely well. I used it more this year then any other coat once the temps got below 30 degree's. And great for packing in as it is so light and wears so light on you. Packs down to the size of a quart jar of tomatoes too. Best hunting jacket I have ever owned truthfully.

Only down side to them all is they will get hot quickly once you get active. The DWR finish on them are like all DWR polyester/nylon shells. While much more breathable then down, they do not breath anywhere in the neighborhood as wool or polyester fleece. Which is something to consider if you wear a pack.

I'm glad I have the pants but, I don't wear them much. My legs don't get cold easily and the pants are simply too much unless it is really cold and I plan on setting for long hours. The puffy does good. But, honestly I like the Walmart puffy made by Mossy oak better. It weighs 18 ounces in a stuff sack and is warmer with Thinsulate insulation. But, that Tommy Boy Jacket is 'da bomb. Get her that and the pants and she will be good to the teens with any decent bit of layering. Plus they pack so well, she could carry them in easily.

I hope this helped.

From: 7mm08
It runs small.

From: Scar Finga
Thanks for the input, it's much appreciated

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