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Cow elk decoys
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From: Medicinemann
Hope to be hunting for elk in Wyoming this Fall. Am thinking about getting one of the two dimensional cow elk decoys. Any thoughts or recommendations about one in particular? A couple are broadside, one is quartering away, and is looking straight ahead.....I realize that anything elk colored is going to catch a bull's attention. Just looking for personal experiences/suggestions more than anything, I guess...….

From: WapitiBob
I have 3, had a Bull charge mine one time, didn't take one to WY last year and should have.

Al Morris has used them for years and advocates "flashing" not leaving them up.

that's all I've got...

Are there other brands besides Montana decoy?

From: Coyote 65
Had one that I made of cardboard that was effective, just the butt, patch painted and lines drawn on with a broad sharpie. Easy, light, and cheap.


From: Jaquomo
Ultimate Predator decoy if you're hunting solo. I havent had much luck with static decoys when hunting by myself. Much better with something moving, like flashing, showing the cow elk hat, moving the Ultimate Predator or Heads Up or Elk Mtn mobile decoy. Elk dont spend a lot of time standing still like deer, and elk expect to see some movement.

From: Medicinemann
The "flashing" makes a lot of sense to me....especially if hunting solo. Hunt'n addict-I believe Eichler makes a "head on" cow elk decoy...looking straight ahead. Jac….c'mon....you have a cow elk hat like your antelope or mule deer hats?

From: ElkNut1
I have the Ultimate Predator Decoy mentioned, it's pretty cool & I'm sure at sometime in my elk hunting career I'll use one but to date not yet! I'm a stickler for tight setups before calling or advancing!

If I chose one today it would be the Ultimate Predator over all others. Flashing can be effective but there are other uses for them, it's situational as is calling!


From: Ucsdryder
I hauled one around most of the season and didn’t have a chance to use it. Last weekend called in a bull that hung up for a buddy. Really could have used it but got tired of carrying it. Stupid.

From: Heat
Jake, Montana Decoys. A Miss September and an elk rump were involved in my last bull kill. I don't see the rump for sale anymore. They work!

From: Elkhntr101

Elkhntr101's Link
I use the Heads Up Decoy. It's light, mobile and realistic and can be bow mounted.

From: LKH
I've used one on several occasions. Once we got a shot on a bull that walked up within 25 yards while we were napping. Popped it open and the client was able to get in a sitting position for a shot.

Other times I've used one to walk behind when crossing a bowl at several hundred yards from bulls that could see us the hole time. Held it up and the two of us just moved along a few yards at a time until out of sight of the elk.

These were private land events and I don't know how they would work with public.

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