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NEIAbowhunter 03-Jan-19
drycreek 03-Jan-19
Inshart 03-Jan-19
Trial153 03-Jan-19
Bowsite gives me an error code when I try to search the site for previous posts on this topic so I apologize if it's been covered a lot. I have an Apex 4-pin sight on my Z7Xtreme. I took it off my old Parker Spitfire when I upgraded. I do really like the 4 pin. My 20, 30, and 50 yard pins are perfect. My 40 yard pin, however, continually hits high and I cannot move the pin any higher as it is up against the 30 yard pin already. I assume it's a pin size issue. I have no idea what size the pins are anymore. Is my only option a new sight with smaller pins? Money is pretty tight these days so I can't buy a fancy $150 sight. What are my options? At home I can compensate and aim low enough consistently but I'm afraid in the stand I'll forget. Confidence is a bowhunter's best friend in my opinion.

From: drycreek
I can't help with that, but I can empathize with the confidence factor. I missed an antelope once because my 50 yard pin broke off just before the trip. No problem I says, just put the 40 on his backbone and he's dead. But, in the heat of the moment..............

From: Inshart
Go to the classified here or try ebay - they have a lot of them .... some as low as $15.00.

From: Trial153
Go 25, 35, 45 and will increase your gap a touch and should give you room.

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