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Colorado Turkeys
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septdreamin 04-Jan-19
Ermine 04-Jan-19
Buglmin 04-Jan-19
Jims 06-Jan-19
From: septdreamin
Goin to mountains of Co to hunt turkeys this spring. Early or late season better? Here in OH early is always better, but weather (snow) not an issue here.

From: Ermine
Good luck. Birds are few in the mtns of Colorado compared to other states.

From: Buglmin
One of the issues we face here in Colorado is many roads are closed to travel till the first or second week of May. So getting to turkeys can be a huge problem and many guys hunt and pound the birds that can be walked to within three or four miles up closed roads. Hunting call shy gobblers can be a frustrating experience for many, especially with a bow.

Plan wisely and research the areas you're thinking of hunting.

From: Jims
As mentioned above, mountain merriams can be a tough proposition on public land in Colo. This can change from one area to the next but on the front range it is pretty darn tough. Most areas that hold toms on public land are considered almost "sacred"! There is a lot of country void of birds so it may take time to find the few that exist. What makes it even tougher where I hunt is the birds have learned that if they make noise they get eaten by coyotes, bear, bobcats, and mtn lions! They seldom make noise so are even tougher to locate.

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