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Illegal Deer Hunter Blames Wife
Whitetail Deer
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Bowboy 04-Jan-19
scentman 04-Jan-19
SteveB 04-Jan-19
Brotsky 04-Jan-19
LINK 04-Jan-19
BigOzzie 04-Jan-19
NewWood 04-Jan-19
Russell 04-Jan-19
BIGERN 04-Jan-19
Mertyman 04-Jan-19
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BullBuster 04-Jan-19
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KX500 04-Jan-19
JohnMC 04-Jan-19
Olink 04-Jan-19
From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
This is too funny this guy tells the game warden if he doesn't bring home a deer his wife gets mad.

From: scentman
Now that's a first!

From: SteveB
makes perfect sense :)

From: Brotsky
I know a lot of guys whose wife is far scarier than the game warden!

From: LINK
That’s how my wife is when I go elk hunting. She tells me not to come home without meat.

From: BigOzzie
my wife says the same thing, but she says it knowing I will use my only tag then cannot justify going hunting anymore.


From: NewWood
Yup, that sounds familiar. Couple years ago we are out of meat, wife was hollering. Killed a deer and gave her a call from the shack. Her response was , "Good, when you kill another one you can come home." Gotta love a woman who tells yo to keep hunting....

From: Russell
My ex told me after I returned from Newfoundland (many years ago) without a moose, "You'll never do that again". Really???!!!

I no longer have that problem.


BIGERN's embedded Photo
BIGERN's embedded Photo
Had this on the kitchen table one morning. From one of the kids though....

From: Mertyman
"despite county restrictions that protect the animal."

I want to know what that statement is all about.

From: Olink
Sounds like he shot a spike buck in a area where there are ARs. BTW, whoever posted that article on FoxNews should receive a citation for being stupid. The article is about a whitetail and they show photos of elk?

From: BullBuster
If i caught him poaching on my land i would have let him walk with that excuse. Good one.

From: Scoot
BIGERN, that's awesome! Funny stuff!!!

From: KX500
'There's always a woman to blame'

Said by someone wiser than me, or at least someone whose music my wife likes!

From: JohnMC
Olink those are not elk either. Red Stag I think.

From: Olink
Could be right, I didn't look too close. But they definitely weren't whitetails!

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