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Baggage Theft Rampant in South Africa
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StickFlicker 04-Jan-19
Buffalo1 04-Jan-19
Keith in colorado 08-Jan-19
Gregnjbh 08-Jan-19
From: StickFlicker

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Although they are only quoting one airline, baggage theft seems to be a very big problem across all airlines in the major airports like Tambo in South Africa. While you can't carry-on your bow, I try to put everything of significant value in my carry-on when I fly there. I would never check-in optics, cameras and the like (not to mention they are often not included in damage coverage offered by airlines when in your checked bags).

From: Buffalo1
According to the attached article FlySafair is a South African low caliber airline that is experiencing the problem. I am wondering if the major airlines are experiencing the same issue? I did not experience this problem in Sept 2018, nor did I did hear any complaints from other hunters I was around experiencing this problem.

I know the year that RSA hosted the World Cup Soccer that baggage theft was a real issue and there was a black market theft ring running between Asia and RSA.

I also know that Tambo cleaned out a lot of the "rift raft" that was hanging around in the airport and pestering customers.

That airline was shutdown last year for several weeks due to safety issues. Stay with the big name carriers, keep your optics and electronics in your carry on, and use a travel agency. All these will help.

From: Gregnjbh
I spent a few hours with a PH from Africa this weekend and asked him about baggage theft issue. He said it is uncommon but highly recommended shrink wrapping luggage to deter any thief.

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