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ABB custom strings
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Elkhunter19 04-Jan-19
craig@work 04-Jan-19
Errorhead 04-Jan-19
WapitiBob 04-Jan-19
Trial153 04-Jan-19
Ucsdryder 04-Jan-19
From: Elkhunter19
Anybody with experience with these strings?

From: craig@work
Elkhunter19-I just did a bunch of research and asked a similar question as my PSE came with ABB strings from the factory and I needed a new set. I ended up going with jbk strings. I just couldn’t reconcile the $169.99 cost of the ABB with the other excellent products available. Plus jbk offers a 24 month warranty. I placed my order this morning and with shipping was just under $110. Just my opinion but it may benefit you to shop around.


From: Errorhead
I have had bad luck with ABBs. I almost sold a bow because of two sets of ABB strings, replaced with 60x, bow is awesome now.

From: WapitiBob
A shooting buddy used them once. Stretched like a rubber band.

From: Trial153
The are a Rip off with there different levels of strings. You either build a set correctly or you dont and it isnt more expensive to build them right ro start with.

Bow string depot, breathen ( John's custom archery). Xfire ( bart shortall) Exwolvern( park and sons archery) All build a way better set then ABB and wont screw you with the price.

I have good luck with ABB but better luck with vapor trail

From: Ucsdryder
I bought a set of jbk a couple weeks back. I haven’t installed them but they look good in the plastic bag!

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