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looking for cancelation hunt
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caller79065 07-Jan-19
greg simon 08-Jan-19
SBH 08-Jan-19
Bou'bound 08-Jan-19
milnrick 08-Jan-19
Kevin Speicher 08-Jan-19
caller79065 13-Jan-19
FullTime 19-Jan-19
Rob Nye 19-Jan-19
Huntcell 19-Jan-19
From: caller79065
If any outfitters, preferably in Alberta, have a cancelation hunt for 2 hunters come open please message me. Thanks,

From: greg simon
You are going to have much better luck by actually contacting the outfitter and getting on their cancellation list,

From: SBH
Theres a couple threads below this that have openings. May not be in Alberta but some good hunts.

From: Bou'bound
Look at Tsi in New Brunswick.

From: milnrick
If you're open to looking elsewhere I'd look to NB and give TSI a serious look. You won't be disappointed.

I would also suggest TSI in New Brunswick

From: caller79065
We would probably be able to go with a months or so notice.

From: FullTime
I'm always a bit leery about "cancelation" hunts. I always ask the outfitter for the name of the guy that canceled so I can call him to see if it is legit. It is sometimes seems best just to pay a reputable outfitter full price and figure he's going to give you better treatment because you paid full price compared to a guy that might be in camp on a discounted hunt.

From: Rob Nye
FullTime expressed what I often wonder about outfitters offering “cancellation discounts” . In 30 plus years of guiding 99.9% of cancellations have been for medical reasons or a sudden death in family. In those instances I always postpone their hunt and honor the deposit. Simple matter of treating people fairly. Always thiught the discount game could bite you in the ass: if you offer it to one you better offer it to all or risk pissed off clients.

From: Huntcell
Is it really a lessor priced hunt? I thought the original booked hunter was out his deposit and the next hunter was getting that portion discounted from a normal full priced hunt. I suppose it can work any number of ways including everybody pays the same, it’s just a terminology thing that gets another booking.

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