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A moose walks into a hospital....
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cnelk 07-Jan-19
Medicinemann 07-Jan-19
Zbone 07-Jan-19
Bowboy 07-Jan-19
Mertyman 08-Jan-19
Kevin Dill 09-Jan-19
From: cnelk

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Only in Alaska - see link

From: Medicinemann
That cow must have thought that she'd found heaven...….warm climate, lush lobby vegetation, no four legged predators......she'd have been a little more ornery if she had a calf with her.....

From: Zbone
Yeah Jake I agree, if a calf or calves were along, wouldn't have been such a laughing matter...8^)

From: Bowboy
She probably just wanted to get warm from the cold.

From: Mertyman
I've seen them walk right down the middle of the street in downtown Anchorage in the winter. One did have a couple of calves with her and bluff charged us on the sidewalk. Yes, these clueless people in the video are lucky she was there solo!

From: Kevin Dill
Grab a snack at our Fresh Bites eat-n-run salad bar.


Apparently the hospital has an open door policy.

Nurses theorizing she is pregnant and could be checking out the obstetrics dept.

No co-pay on walk-ins.

Code Brown!

"Paging housekeeping to the lobby, stat!"

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