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Suggested Outfitters in WY and Montana
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Bigwoods 08-Jan-19
Bob H in NH 08-Jan-19
houndy65 14-Jan-19
marktm250 14-Jan-19
From: Bigwoods
I've never hunted elk but would like to within the next two years. Can anyone recommend some good outfitters in Wyoming and Montana?

Thank You

From: Bob H in NH
In WY you may need to start buying preference points. Depending on the area you may be years out.

From: houndy65
Royal Tine outfitting, great people, Montana

From: marktm250
You may want also to consider getting preference points in MT as well. The quota is 17,000 and that has been getting used up the last few years (it did not last time I went in 2015). You still have good odds of getting the general tag, but buying the $50 pref point in March moves you up the list. I was advised to go ahead and buy another one when I apply for tag to have 2 pref pts. MT FWP gets another $100.

Lots of good info here and in the outfitter reports to find the type of hunt you would prefer. I just got a free magazine from Wyoming Outdoors ( that lists out a bunch of WY outfitters.

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