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Vane affects to ramcats?
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hoyt-6190 08-Jan-19
x-man 08-Jan-19
Dale06 08-Jan-19
JTV 08-Jan-19
ohiohunter 08-Jan-19
Twinetickler 08-Jan-19
From: hoyt-6190
I have decided that I want to potentially shoot Ramcats this year. Just curious if anyone has had better results with accuracy with different vanes? Do Blazers work best or do the AAE Max Hunter or Stealth vane give better accuracy. Interested in hearing about any feedback on any vanes and ramcats in regards to accuracy. I will be shooting FMJ 340's.

From: x-man
If your setup is tuned properly it shouldn't make much difference between those you mentioned.

From: Dale06
What Xman said

From: JTV
as long as you are helical, they should fly fine

From: ohiohunter
Ramcats are probably one of the most forgiving fixed blade bh, their blades are thin and narrow. Even if your bow is out of tune I'd expect them to shoot minute of deer.

From: Twinetickler
I have shot Ramcats the last two years and dont think I'll ever shoot anything else. I shoot them with a 300 or 340 Epic with 4 fletched blazers. I put a small offset and they fly like darts.

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