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A few Wyoming elk units on my mind, 11 and 40 type 9. Is there vast differences in the type of country or elevation between the two? They are on opposite ends of the state, both non grizzl's/puppy dogs. Hard to find any outfitters in 11. I would consider going with an outfitter but prefer to do it solo. I guess if the experience was upgraded greatly by hiring an outfitter, then I guess that might make the difference. Sounds like unit 40 is 300" bull type unit with the occassional 320". Maybe 11 is the same? I dont think the type 1 guys can come into 11 until Oct 15th. On a completely different line - how about Lee Livingston and his wilderness hunts in 55? Sounds like come Oct 1 the boom sticks come out and the elk get equalized in there. What about some great wilderness horseback adventures hunts for 330"+ bulls - I have 6 points.

I appreciate the information - pm specifics if you wouldn't mind. I would be willing to give up inches in exchange for the quality wyoming experience. That being said, 11 or 40 look very doable from base camp ( the truck).

Unit 11/40? Mule Power/TG?

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I agree with Smorgon!


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Smorgon nailed it!

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Clear as mud. Ditto!

outstanding smorgon, that about sums it up!

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Drives me crazy when my FBI agent doesn't understand what I'm taking about! :-)

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