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info on bruno martel outfitting
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Winklman 08-Jan-19
robertwadera 09-Jan-19
Mule Power 09-Jan-19
SteevHunt 25-Apr-19
From: Winklman
i won a hunt with bruno martel in Alberta and was wondering if anybody had any dealings with them ? also if anybody else is hunting with them this may?

From: robertwadera
The information you share is very useful. It is closely related to my work and has helped me grow spanish to english

From: Mule Power

From: SteevHunt
Very useful. It is closely related to my work. First of all I want to thank all of you for contributing in writing all that comments on Bruno Martel Outfitting because I really don’t know at first that what it is. I prefer to check this best site to learn more and manage all type of work. But later after reading all that comments I understand what it is and what this is for.

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