Anyone use goHUNT?
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midwest 09-Jan-19
Trial153 09-Jan-19
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KB 09-Jan-19
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From: midwest
I have a friend who is pretty new to the application game. He's been buying points for some different species in a few states but really doesn't have a grasp of all the different states systems, deciphering odds, etc.

I had suggested maybe goHUNT would be a good resource and he should consider joining. I'm not a member but last I looked, I thought it was $100 annually. So he checked into it and informed me it's now $150!

Is anyone here a member? Think it's worth it to shorten the learning curve?

From: Trial153
I been a member for three years. It like it, time saver for sure. There are 50 credit codes floating around so your looking at 100. Figure if it save me two hours of time a year I am head of the game.

From: Treeline
I’ve been using it for several years as well. There is a lot of good info there for the application game and research. Have also actually won some of their giveaways as well.

From: Robear
I have belonged to both it and Huntin fool. GoHunt has very slick research tools and you can spend hours on the computer with it. I prefer the Huntin Fool because I can flip quickly through the magazine and find what I need. Their members list for previous tag holders is extremely valuable if you hit a draw. I was a member of both last year. Can't go wrong with either one.

From: KB
Signed up last year. All the stats and info are out there for non members to dig up, I still use state sites a ton, but goHunt lays it out for a quicker/cleaner read. The filtering system is certainly fun to play with. Definitely enjoy the strategy articles and state breakdowns as well. Also the store is worth the membership in itself. No sales tax, free shipping, and points back on a lot of the gear. I paid for my first year easily by ordering a few big items through their shop.

From: yooper89
I think Randy Newberg has code for $50 credit towards the store. There are a few others floating around, but they're not $50 off the purchase.

I use it when the free trials come around. I don't hunt enough states right now to make it worth the $150. Looks like a great program for anybody that hunts several states in the west.

From: WapitiBob
Paid for a year and used it for about two, then they shut me off. Haven't used it since. They have a decent grasp on things but tend to cut n paste from the previous year like Eastmans. $150 isn't much when looking at the cost of hunting multiple states.

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