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Porthunter04 09-Jan-19
jstephens61 09-Jan-19
Bou'bound 09-Jan-19
Mule Power 09-Jan-19
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Single bevel 13-Jan-19
marktm250 13-Jan-19
White Falcon 13-Jan-19
From: Porthunter04
Haven’t hunted the airport in 5 years. Feels good to be back at it one question where’s all the deer?

From: jstephens61
Shale gas drilling ran them off.

From: Bou'bound
They are headed out of town with Antonio Brown

From: Mule Power
Yep gas drilling and the hunters who have always hunted it long before you and I had a chance to. I drive by there every day and they are long gone.

From: jstephens61
I was actually joking, but I can see it happening for a short time. At a meeting in Pittsburgh a couple months ago, the commissioner in charge of the airport gave a talk about how much revenue the gas production had brought into the airport. We did an exercise in where we’d recommend drilling and installing transmission lines. Hope we didn’t screw up your hunts.

From: Single bevel
Gas pads do cause deer to relocate...for a short period of time while to construction is happening. But they return. We have a pad right here in the neighborhood and I've witnessed that behavior. The construction of well pads often create edge where there was none. Pads often create food plots along the access roads and the larger footprint of the construction site. Then, there are the new transmission lines that are created. Pipelines are needed to get the gas to market and the new pipelines create miles of new edge and new plots. Another aspect of the construction of gas infrastructure, is the cutting of trees and putting browse on the ground. Chainsaws are dinner bells to deer. And stumps sprout, creating longer term food source. Gas development does more for the deer herd than it takes away from deer.

From: marktm250
So the airport is open for hunting now? I used to hunt that area way back when ... about right where 376 cuts through it now. Never had much luck but always heard stories about the other side of the fence. Anyone remember White Swan Park in that area?

From: White Falcon
Years ago, I hunted in Allegheny Co, Monroeville. also around Murrysville. Good hunting then. Killed my first deer behind 380 and 22, up on the hill by that housing plan.

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