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Onestringer, great customer service!
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Too Many Bows Bob 09-Jan-19
planebow 09-Jan-19
JL 10-Jan-19
Dale06 10-Jan-19
Bowboy 10-Jan-19
TurboT 10-Jan-19
midwest 10-Jan-19
septdreamin 12-Mar-19
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Northstickhunter 17-Mar-19
I ordered some wraps from Onestringer and in the process of applying them, I buggered up a couple of them. They had made me a few extra, like they always do, but I was going to be 1-2 short (depending on how fussy I was going to be). So I called them and then they sent me ANOTHER WHOLE DOZEN AT NO CHARGE.

I say again, it was totally my fault, not theirs and they did this for me. I'll never go any place else for good quality wraps.


From: planebow
Always had good service from them.

From: JL
Yup....they have done me right too. Great customer service.

From: Dale06
I’ve ordered a lot from them. First class.

From: Bowboy
Been using them for years great service!

From: TurboT
Totally agree. Always had great service.

From: midwest
Ditto everyone above!

From: septdreamin
Ive ordered from them twice, wraps are great. Will keep ordering from them.

From: Timbow
My experience has always been great as well. I won't go anywhere else for wraps.

Yep, they’re now my one-stop shop.

From: Dale06
Never needed their customer service, but I have buggered a few of their wraps, my fault. Great company, good prices and fast shipping.

From: wolverine
The BEST!!!!

From: kota-man
I order all my wraps from them...perfect service.

From: dhaverstick
I personally know Mindy and Scott and you won't find any better folks! Mindy is always making something up for our club, The United Bowhunters of Missouri, and she will never take a dime for her services.


From: bfisherman11
I've been ordering from them since they first started out and the service has always been top notch. What I like now is how streamlined ordering is and all the order updates you get. Yep I too always have good experiences with them. Always good to post about a good vendor. Bill Wright

They are the best,I would never think of ordering from anyone else, first class.

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