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Which clover to buy for frost seeding
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DMTJAGER 09-Jan-19
t-roy 09-Jan-19
X-Master 11-Jan-19
Are going to give frost seeding a try for the first time and need recommendations on which brand of clover seed to buy. This will be my first attempt ever at any type of food plot. As I am limited to mostly hand tools the plot size will be 1/2 acre or less. Depending on how much work is involved would like to plant between one and three plots. Again this is my first attempt and I'm getting lots of great information on how to do a small food plot on the cheap with minimal tools and no mechanized equipment, but not much information on who's clover to buy besides the ones that are the paying sponsor. As I know so little I am concerned I will buy the incorrect seed for frost seeding and have been warned at other sites that some bags of clover seed can be up to 50% filler and also have seeds like Berseem clover in them which will not frost seed. I have done a bunch of "Best clover for frost seeding" Google searches but nothing helpful came up.

So I could use a first hand recommendation on a good clover seed brand for frost seeding to buy and while your at it a clover you have had great success with for summer planting as well. Thanks, Art.

I Frost seed several varieties, but ladino works great for me. Good luck!

From: t-roy
Where in Iowa are you located, Art?

You are correct that Berseem clover isn’t recommended for frost seeding, however, there is a “frosty berseem” clover that they claim is ok to frost seed. Most white clovers would work just fine for frost seeding. Durana, Ladino and Kopu 2 are a few varieties that I’ve had good luck with. I would recommend a mix. You can get clover from most co-ops or seed dealers in your area. The “buck on the bag” clovers are some of the same varieties that you can get from ag stores. They just mark up the prices. Depending where you are located, I could recommend a couple of places to get it. Good luck!

From: X-Master
Grand Pa Ray's Overseed Mix. GREAT!!!!

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