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Epic vs Huntin fool
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Turk 10-Jan-19
brettpsu 10-Jan-19
Trial153 10-Jan-19
Dave 11-Jan-19
mick 11-Jan-19
LungBuster 11-Jan-19
Bowfinatic 11-Jan-19
flyingbrass 11-Jan-19
TreeWalker 12-Jan-19
JRABQ 12-Jan-19
ELKMAN 13-Jan-19
MQQSE 13-Jan-19
From: Turk
i am looking for opinions on the pros & cons of each magazine and which one that you prefer, and why.

From: brettpsu
I much prefer the people of the huntin fool. I rarely use them anymore but when I do they've always been great to deal with. I was a finalist for the huntin fools truck drawing a couple years ago so they flew me out to Cedar City for the live drawing. I didn't win but the whole staff really went above and beyond making you feel like a friend and not just another number. I dealt with the folks who have epic now while they was at the huntin fool.......I'll just say I was not impressed.

From: Trial153
hunting fool excludes NY residents from all their drawing and raffles so I no longer subscribe. I haven't t used Epic except to buy raffle tickets from them. Gohunt, Epic, Eastmans, Hunting fool.....seems like the room is very crowded

From: Dave
Got rid of HF a couple years ago. They're all about the money now and after some really bad outfitter recommendations, I switched to Epic. Info in the mags seems to be abut the same. Haven't used Epic for any outfitter recs yet so I can't speak to that but HF pissed me off too many times and I have buddies who feel the same way and have also switched.

From: mick
I left H/F after many years. It became all about membership drive raffles. As quick as one ended the next one would start. If I`m buying raffle tickets I want the money raised going towards conservation not lining pockets at Huntin Fool, (I undeerstand their a business and need to make money but they are completely over the top) Even the stories in the magazine were more and more only about people that won their raffles.

From: LungBuster
I haven't used either but I have met Jason Carter from Epic and can attest that he is a class act. We both had a sheep tag together and he is a great hunter and provided me with great intel.

I have not used HF but epic has been great to work with, knowledgeable and helpful

From: flyingbrass
I would you suggest you do your own applications. HF screwed me 3 years in a row! Big mistakes in WY elk and AZ elk and I'lll never forget it. Nobody cares about your hunting as much as you do. I get both EPIC and HF magazines but would never consider allowing anyone to do my apps.

From: TreeWalker
Epic is better intel in printed form for finding above average units for getting large critters. Hunting' Fool has the larger list of former tag holders if you draw a tag out West and want to chat with someone who hunted the same tag at some point the past few years though may not have any former tag holders or they may not be very forthcoming. The harder the tag is to draw the the better your odds will connect and get great information.

Eastman's is not as good to help you figure out where to apply in a state since just provide a lot of data points. GoHunt is the best place to figure out what you can draw with the points you have even if not looking for a trophy hunt and to me this makes Eastman's of minimal value.

TreeWalker; "The harder the tag is to draw the the better your odds will connect and get great information."

That was my experience this year also, but I expect Epic will get better after a few more years. This year I drew a CO moose tag and Epic had no previous hunters, HF only had two recent hunters, but they both provided very good intel.

I think both outfits provide useful info so I guess I'll keep them both for a while longer. If I had to drop one not sure who it would be.

Neither. Do your own research and put them both out of business and let hunting in the west return to it's former glory...

For $200 total and the value I place on my hunting and the information I get from these magazines, I certainly take them both. To save $100 and cut one out seems odd to me.

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