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Are there any Bowsiters at ATA
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milnrick 10-Jan-19
ELKMAN 11-Jan-19
midwest 11-Jan-19
Brotsky 11-Jan-19
midwest 11-Jan-19
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milnrick 12-Jan-19
From: milnrick
Howdy everyone. Millie and I are curious if there are any Bowsiters at ATA this weekend?

I was gonna be there but hunting got in the way again for the 3rd year in a row... That's alright I suppose!

From: midwest
Pretty sure Les Welch will be there in the Sitka booth.

From: Brotsky
I thought Pat or Charlie usually went? I know Pat's done some features on it in the past.

From: midwest
My bad.....Les is at SCI

From: Glunt@work
Haven't been in a few years. Went for about 20 years.

From: Trial153
I haven't been to the ATA in maybe four years and honestly I dont feels like I missing much at the point.

From: milnrick
It was our first time and it's been eye-opening to say least.

Millie's interested in Sitka's new line of women's clothing. I suspect it may replace her SHE and OUTFIT HER gear this season.

Shot the new Prime and think my ION will be getting put into the back up position.

We're heading back over this AM to get pics of a few items I think are interesting and a few creations I'd never seen before.

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