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Maven Binoculars
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jbrownlow 11-Jan-19
Charlie Rehor 11-Jan-19
butcherboy 11-Jan-19
Native Okie 11-Jan-19
Dale06 11-Jan-19
DConcrete 11-Jan-19
Trial153 11-Jan-19
Milhouse 11-Jan-19
smarba 11-Jan-19
Native Okie 11-Jan-19
ohiohunter 12-Jan-19
markr 12-Jan-19
ELKMAN 13-Jan-19
From: jbrownlow
I'm looking at a pair of B.1 Maven Binoculars. Anyone out there use them and are they as good as advertised?

Just finished my second season. Great glasses and made in Wyoming!

From: butcherboy
Just bought a pair of the B4 15X56. I really like them. Putting them on an outdoorsmans tripod and a panhead. Will get some 10x32 later to wear while I’m out in the woods.

From: Native Okie
Really good glass for the money. In trialed a pair of B2’s this season. Very impressed

From: Dale06
You get what you pay for.

From: DConcrete
Maven is excellent glass. As far as getting what you pay for, that is true. Generally speaking with maven, you buy direct so you’re not paying the middle man to stick them on their shelf. There’s a reason they’re high quality and cheaper. Not paying for somebody to keep lights on in their shop.

From: Trial153
They review well but some pretty objective sources. Some are assembled in the US, some models are assembled in the Philippines and Japan .

From: Milhouse
Maven has always intrigued me. I would guess the high end stuff is US made. The Philippines and Japan glass wouldn't scare me either. I pretty much stick to Vortex glass, because I get most of it through spiff programs. Tough to say no to free stuff.

From: smarba
I've asked before but is Maven at all related to Brunton? Brunton optics used to be made in WY also if I recall.

From: Native Okie
Maven guys are the old Brunton guys.

From: ohiohunter
Is it maven or tract that is using schott glass? The mavens I’ve looked through were clear, they will send you loner/demos.

From: markr
I have the Mavin B.1's 10x42, they are clearer and sharper then my buddy's Zeiss...He agreed, wasn't even that close.

I have always wondered about them. They look awesome. I would love to look through a set in the desert for a few days.

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