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Wyoming - stunningly beautiful!
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From: Striker@home

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Over 27 years ago I moved to Wyoming as a 19 year old teen who loved the outdoors. My father accepted a position in Sheridan, so I came with my parents. Having grown up in western Washington, I simply could not comprehend the sheer beauty of the wilds of Wyoming. In Washington, we lived amongst the trees and there were seldom unobstructed views of the horizon. Wyoming offered blazing skies in both morning and evening with vast open spaces interrupted by the rise of craggy mountain ranges and deep clefts carved over the centuries by rushing torrents. Trout lurked in every pool, behind every rock, and bull elk whistled challenges through the pine and spruce forests.

I instantly fell in love with Wyoming and plan to never leave. A junior high English teacher now for 25 years and professional photographer for the past 18, it always saddens me how few of my students actually get to experience the remarkable beauty found throughout the state. I like to share that beauty with them through my photographs, and more recently, with aerial footage captured by drone. The number of awe-filled smiles is both inspiring and a sobering reminder of how few kids actually get out into the wilds and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds here, even when it is right in their own back yards.

Much of this footage was captured as I traveled to or from hunting locations. I posted it here in the elk forum because the majority of the footage could well be elk country. There are, though, some pretty great shots of antelope and mule deer habitat as well. Enjoy! Share with someone else, especially kids who might be inspired to get outside!

(NOTE: this is a non monetized YouTube Channel, so this is not an attempt to use Bowsite for monetary gain).

From: Z Barebow
Thanks for sharing Tim! I am jealous of your "backyard".

From: GBTG

Simply outstanding! I’ve enjoyed your photography for several years....this is equally stunning! I thank God everyday that I’ve been Blessed to have lived in Wyoming for 50+ years, and that my dad introduced me to the great outdoors at a very early age.

From: Brotsky
Beautiful Tim! If I were to ever move from my home state of SD it would be to our western neighbor WY! We have some similar country here but nearly to the degree you guys do! Awesome!

Great stuff!!!

From: Blakes
Beautiful video... kind of cool, I recognized at least half of those shots!

From: mattandersen
Amazing video! Thanks for sharing!

From: elkster
I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing.

From: drycreek
Ah, Wyoming, my favorite state. From the pronghorn infested pastures of the East, to Yellowstone, and everything in between. If I were a younger man, I would move there in a heartbeat !

From: bowonly
Congratulations on such a creative piece of art. And thanks for sharing it on Bowsite.

From: Slate
Beautiful it is. Very nice video

From: Aspen Ghost
Nice! What drone do you use and what kind of range does it have?

From: midwest
Outstanding as always, Tim!

Great footage!! Did you take the drone video of the ice dams and flooding in Greybull a few years ago?

From: Woods Walker
THANK YOU for making that and sharing it here! I went to college in Wyoming and worked there for a while. It literally make me tear up.

From: goelk
Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

From: elkmtngear

From: midwest
Was some of that the Red Wall south of Kaycee?

From: Striker@home
Aspen- I have used the DJI Phantom 3 & 4 (this video is all footage from a Phantom 4) although I'm now using the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Supposedly it has a range of 3+ miles although I have never used it in such a fashion.

Orionsbrother- I cannot claim the ice dam footage as my own. I'm not sure who shot those clips.

Midwest- Yes, the red rock footage is all from the Red Wall area of the state south of Kaycee. I antelope hunt unit 73, and much of that footage was flown from my camp spot. Beautiful stuff and I've really come to love it over the years!

From: ki-ke
Tim! Awesome footage! I was in Wyoming in September and recognized the footage from Ten Sleep before I looked at the description! It is indeed spectacular country.

Thanks for sharing that!

From: Scoot
Great stuff, as always, Striker! You are super talented! I'm amazed to hear how many of the youth you work with aren't getting exposure to the outdoors. Obviously that's a huge problem in the asphalt jungles of the metro areas in the country, but I wouldn't have guessed it was such an issue in a place like where you are at. There's certainly some of it in small town MN, but most kids are getting some (and some getting tons) exposure and involvement in the outdoors where I'm at. So sad...

From: Ron Niziolek
Good stuff Tim. I recognize almost all of it.

From: Stoneman
Beautiful country, thanks for sharing this!

From: 12yards
The one time I drove through Sheridan and east of the Big Horns I thought what an awesome place! Wouldn't mind living there myself.

From: dakotaduner
Unbelievable. Wow. Thanks for sharing that.

From: dakotaduner
Unbelievable. Wow. Thanks for sharing that.

From: GregE

GregE's embedded Photo
GregE's embedded Photo
We went on our first Wyoming bowhunt in Sep and came back in Nov to try for a rifle elk. Plan to go again next year - hopefully with better success

From: CurveBow
Great stuff Tim - as always!!


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