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Realm X Draw Noise
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McCree 11-Jan-19
adam 11-Jan-19
wyobullshooter 11-Jan-19
Hawkeye 11-Jan-19
wacem 11-Jan-19
Elkoholic 11-Jan-19
carcus 11-Jan-19
ELKMAN 12-Jan-19
Bloodtrail 12-Jan-19
Stalker 12-Jan-19
From: McCree
Has anyone had any issues with the Realm X, or any Bowtech bows, making a tick/pop noise about 3/4 of the way through the draw cycle? It sounds like it's coming from the upper limb/cam area. Sometimes it seems like it disappears after the first draw but other times I notice it for multiple shots. I talked to another individual who reported the same noise so I don't think it's an isolated issue. It's not loud enough to be of great concern but being a new bow it's enough to be annoying and I would like to resolve the issue. Thanks,

From: adam
Check and make sure the mod screws are not loose.

Yes. I had it happening to my Insanity CPXL. Bow shop finally found that the rubber/composite blocks that limbs rotate on were the culprit. They removed them and sanded they with emery cloth then fine steel wool. Then re greased them and problem went away. This was after replacing both cams as the thought was maybe a bad bearing. Have your bow shop remove the blocks and smooth them up and grease. problem solved.

I don’t have a Realm, but I shoot a BTX-28. I had the same thing happen to me right after I bought it. One of the screws on the PowerShift Disc had loosened. Once I narrowed down the problem, I reapplied a bit of Loctite on each screw and tightened. That was nearly 3yrs ago and haven’t had a problem since.

From: Hawkeye
Mcree Bowtech had a problem with this and replaced all the flex guard pieces on Realm X bows IN HOUSE around July. I replaced mine but it still happened so I sold it. The dealer will get you a free one but the sound is not in your head. Bows already made or at dealers would have to have it replaced. It's just a small plastic piece.

I sold mine and now have two Realm as the standard wasn't an issue. The sound doesn't affect the performance but dang is it annoying and could be a problem on a cold, calm morning :0

In any case, again, its a little plastic piece under the flex guard. Put it in a press and you'll see. It just pops out. You simply have to swap those pieces out and on 90% of them the noise is gone.

Call your dealer and let him know. Good luck :)

From: wacem
Our Bowtech dealer replaced the flex gard on all the Realm X's that he sold (a lot) free from Bowtech, ( like a recall) replaced mine even though I did not have the noise.

From: Elkoholic
My allegiance is “dead” quiet.

From: carcus
Its the plastic bushing that sits between the flex guard and the riser apparently, mine pops as well, I have one ready to install, hopefully fix the issue, will do it in the spring!

Check the roller bearing on your flex guard. It is going out. They are having issues with that.

From: Bloodtrail
I just bought my son a Realm. 2018 model for Xmas. He put about 200 shots through and it started clicking exactly like you are describing. I went through the whole thing and made sure every bolt/screw was tight. And it still clicked.

Went back to the bow shop and they loosened the limb bolts and put a lubricant in the bolt (there’s a a little see-through area on the riser). They tightened it back up and it stopped the clicking. We paper tuned it again and it’s been great since.

From: Stalker
I have a Reign 6 and had a small squaking noise that happened at about the same 75% of the way through the draw process. I had my dealer take the limbs off and lube up the bottom of the limbs put it back together and now its 100% quiet and shoots like a dream.

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