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Need a release for TP
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From: Bake
I'm a head case. Never knew that. But I guess I am :)

The TP is getting worse. I missed a chip shot at a doe the other day. Something like 16 or 17 yards. Flinched and pulled off big time.

I need to try some new releases. I'm a HUNTER. I don't care about 3D, targets, etc. I can kill targets with no problem. It's live game that messes me up.

Thumb release? I'm scared of back tension.

What should I try??

From: JohnMC
I have fought this lately. I tried back tension and it is not for me. My issue was I could not pull the trigger. I would flinch but not pull the trigger. What helped me more than anything was lots of blank bailing. Stand close to target and either remove sight or close eyes and just focus on executing the shot. No aiming just feeling the shot. Do it over and over. Day after day. When you go back to shooting targets and if you flinch quit and do some more blank bailing. I have seem to get over at least for the time being.

I think another release might work for a little bit but once you can make it go off and not surprise you, you will likely be back to where you are now.

From: GLP
Just a question. Where does the trigger contact your finger? I have shortened my release so that I am almost in the second joint crease. Then “pull through “ on the shot. If adjusted correctly -this works. At least it does for me. I am going to buy a Scott echo shortly with the webbed strap. This way I can adjust it perfectly by changing sloop length and the webbing. The echo can be adjusted for trigger travel and for how much pull pressure. I want no noticeable travel and some resistance. If set up correctly a trigger can be shot with back tension. If interested in this approach, pm me. It works for me, but may not be for everyone. Greg

Check out the panic x from tru fire. It seems legit

From: Bake
I've shot some with a trigger and back tension. It works for me on targets, but it's not something I can get so ingrained that I can do it in a hunting situation.

The form shooting I don't feel like would really help me, as I don't have the issue when shooting at targets. Just game.

It happens when I THINK I have to get a shot off quickly.

Back tension scares me for hunting, as I do want to have more control over the release. I'm shooting at deer in small shooting lanes, and when you need to shoot, you need to shoot.

I also need to shoot more stuff. I'm so picky that I rarely shoot anymore, waiting on something big. Need to loosen up I guess and thorn a few more does each year

My wife is now in TP remission. I bought her a silverback by carter way more than I wanted to spend on a release ($200) but it's not when you consider how much you have invested in your hunt only to blow the shot? It's fired off of tension by pulling through the shot. She had terrible buck fever/target panic and was actually talking about not hunting because of it. But she killed 2 bucks this year with perfect shots. If she can do it anyone can. I also bought my 12 year old daughter the panic x but that thing is glitchy and I've tried 2 of them.

After you get used to a silverback you can go to a thumb trigger easily for hunting and just keep pulling through while squeezing your thumb. I am a hunter first and foremost. I thought this stuff was just for target guys, but I was wrong.

From: greg simon
I suffered a bad case of target panic about 10 years ago. I got Bernie Pellirite's book, How to Shoot Like a Pro. I went through his system and it worked great for me. Part of that system was a release called Bernie's Can't Punch. It is a Scott wrist strap index finger release with a block in front of the trigger that stops you from triggering the shot if you punch. It teaches you to pull through and achieve a surprise release. I've killed a bunch of critters using this release. I switched to a thumb release a few years ago but the Can't Punch worked great for me. Not sure if they are made anymore. If you want to try it you can borrow mine.

From: Bowboy
I would recommend the NockOn Silver Back, Carter Evolution, and the one from Stanislawski Element. Also get Bernies book. Good luck!

From: x-man
It's almost impossible to have your release too short so shorten it as much as you can and learn to wrap your finger around the trigger. Then release by pulling your whole arm through the wrist strap by relaxing your forearm/wrist. It's kind of hard to explain in print, but that's what I do and what I teach.

The real fix for you isn't a release, it's between your ears. Learn how to RELAX, and things will start to improve. When that buck of a lifetime is standing there and your heart is pounding through your chest... just relax, and the shot will go off without you even knowing it.

Having problems on game but not targets is more buck fever than it is target panic. Worrying about shot placement and trying to watch the arrow hit are the biggest culprits IMO. The hardest part is convincing your brain that it'll be okay. Trust your shot, wait your 30 minutes, and check for blood. The more you can relax, the shorter your tracking job.

From: Boatman71
Having fought target panic for 15 years, I learned a few things. Target panic was the best thing that every happened to me. Why? Because I found the tools to not only send it packing, but the same tools also made me a much much much better shot. The one thing I can say is, just because one thing worked for one person, does not mean it will work for you. I had sooooo many people tell me what I needed to do. Tried it all. Nothing worked permanently until I bought a Silverback release and "relearned" my shot process. Not saying it will work for you, but it HAS worked for thousands of people. The release forces your mind to think about what you are doing with the release when executing the shot, in turn taking your mind off trying to force the pin on the spot you want to hit. After shooting a Silverback now for two years, I have killed two deer with it in consecutive years, shot dozens of 3D shoots including ASA, the Midwest open, the IA Pro Am last weekend and shoot in an indoor winter league locally. Three years ago I would have laughed out LOUD if you would have told me I would be doing what I am doing now.

The release was a game changer for me. The absolute best $200 I have spent in years. The Carter evolution is the same release except it is a three finger release instead of the two like the Silver Back.

After "relearning" the shot process, I can now shoot any release using back tension. It is a great feeling!!!

From: Yellowjacket
I found the Stan Element to be much more consistent than the Carter evolution.

I've been hunting with the Stan for years and killed a bunch of animals with it.

Oh and you can still punch Bernie's can't punch release.

From: aboks
panic x

From: Bow Bullet
Wet wipes

From: Busta'Ribs
It ain’t the release brother. It’s you. I’ve been shooting a bow for 40 years. The most important archery decision I ever made was to invest two hundred bucks on Joel Turner’s Shot IQ online target panic course. It changed the way I shoot forever. You’ll never regret it.

From: carcus
Had a panic X and didn't like it at all

From: midwest
Bake, you say you have no problems with targets, only game? That's the exact opposite of what most people suffering with TP experience. I don't think a different release is the answer. If your shot sequence is good on targets (don't lock up off target, allow the pin to float, pull through the shot), how would a different release change your shooting at game?

From: longbeard
Bake unfortunately I’m in the same boat. However my experience is with everything equal; targets and game. I think I’ve mentally muscled my way through a bit better this year, but am by far cured.

I’ve had TP to some degree over the last decade or so but I think your last statement holds some sort of clue as to when mine got noticeably worse. “I need to shoot more stuff...waiting on something big”.

Since I’ve become “picky “ as you put it, my TP has gotten worse 10x. I couldn’t really get on a shooter buck this year, so I shot a doe about a month ago. Perfect shot! Not saying I’m cured by any means, but learned to relax for sure. We’ll see if that holds true next year when the moment of truth comes on a big buck I still ruined a couple of arrows during practice sessions throughout the year.

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
You might want to look at the new Carter Convertible release.

From: JTV
Ive been thinking about that Panic X to try out... Ive used my Truball Boss X 4 finger for years, hunting, 3D/ spots and shoot it great, but would like to go back to my Scott Wolf at times, I have such a punch/drive by shooting problem with the Scott wrist strap, the Panic X is suppose to help end the punch and help with follow thru and holding steady .....

From: Dino
Buy a Silverback or evolution release, follow John Dudley, and don't look back.

From: Bowfreak

You need to reprogram your mind first. Switching releases can help but you need to address the root of the problem first. I can give you an article by George Ryalls. If you follow this to a T it will fix you. It's not quick... realistically will take maybe 6 months but it is SO worth it!

Try shooting from 10 yards and pick a spot on the target and let the pins blur. You will move the bow to hit where you are looking without aiming with the pin. Pick a tiny spot or an arrow hole in the target to focus on. It’s important to keep the pins blurry, do not let your eyes focus on the pins. This helps me keep from developing TP.

From: Busta'Ribs

Busta'Ribs's Link
Imagine this scenario: big deer or elk, you make an accurate shot and you're happy but if you miss the shot, you're sad. Now imagine this scenario: terrorist with a hostage and you're a sniper, make the shot and hostage lives, miss and..well, miss and you know what happens. Joel Turner trains snipers. He is also a bowhunter and he uses his training skills to scientifically help archers with target panic. You can get help with your target panic from tons of archers out there that work with other archers, or you can get help from a guy that teaches snipers that absolutely can not afford to miss. Ever. Watch the clip I attached. I did and it changed my shooting forever. (Note: Joel's website used to be called Ironmind, but it's now Shot IQ)

From: SixLomaz

SixLomaz's Link
Before you go ahead and spend any money on training and or releases have a look on the leatherwall section of this website. There is a thread, linked above, which deals with a technique to get rid of target panic. Contact the original poster, Jim Casto Jr., explain to him what you are going through, and ask him to provide you with the PDF file containing instructions. Good luck.

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