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Trophy Ridge Hex Light Quiver -LH/RH?
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Milhouse 11-Jan-19
Tradmike 12-Jan-19
From: Milhouse

Milhouse's embedded Photo
Milhouse's embedded Photo
Does anyone know if this quiver can be used on right and left handed bows? I think it must be, as as I can find no reference as to it being left or right hand specific. Seems like a pretty useful quiver, at as priced I can live with. Setting up a new (used) Mathews Drenalin LD, and I am not in the market for $150 quivers. I like the hanging lanyard, and light option, soft coated, rubberized hood, and $60 price tag. Anyone with experience with this quiver care to comment?

From: Tradmike
I have one and use it on my left hand risers. So yes it can be used both ways.

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