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Victoria Outfitters, Moose&Bear Review
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Keco 13-Jan-19
From: Keco

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Dates: From August 25th to September 3rd , 2018 Bow Season Outfitter: Victoria Outfitters, Newfoundland. Specie: Moose and Bear (baited) Succeess: 100% NON-success I went with two friends, we contracted a moose and baited bear combo on 1x1 fully-guided 6 days hunt. The weather was warm and dry and the rut had not started, so we tried to stalk and call the moose in mornings and sit on the bait for bears some afternoons. Among all of us we did´t see any bull, only some cows. Most of the days we didn´t see any animal throughout the day. At the end of the 6 days nobody had the chance to shot any moose. With bears we had the same bad luck, they didn´t come to the bait while we were seated. The didn´t go to the baits every day, and when the did it was during the night.

I know that my guide tried to do everything he could, and he was as frustrated as me. I dont know if it was the warm weather or what was the problem, but I never had any chance on moose. I could shoot a bear during a stalkig, but I did a low shot and we never found the bear. On baits we never saw any bear, probably because the were only 4 baits for 3 hunters and there were not baited time before we arrived and they didn´t bait regulary every day.

The accomodation was good and meals also were really nice. As an anecdote we had to buy the beer on the town, and it was really expensive.

I try to be objective on this review. To be honest, guides were experienced and proffesionals, they tried the best they knew. I really think we had bad luck with the moose because the weater was warm. With bears, probably, if the outfitters had have done his job bettet we would had have better luck.

Good luck!!!!

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