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Optics for mountain bou / griz
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caribou77 14-Jan-19
Russell 14-Jan-19
Kurt 14-Jan-19
Treeline 15-Jan-19
From: caribou77
I finally booked my hunt last week after years of dreaming. I'm a ways out yet but would like to know what you took and why on your hunts. I'll be in the Yukon on a horseback hunt.

From: Russell
Are you hunting with YBGO, Shawn Raymond?

From: Kurt
Swarovision 10x42 EL binos and an angled Swaro 20-60 x 65mm HD spotter with a phone skope attachment. Works well for me on Mt Caribou, grizzly and sheep. Occasionally I take the Nikon 13-30 ED 50 for weight savings but prefer the Swaro, especially since you will be horseback. Good luck....heck of a mixed bag hunt!

From: Treeline
Same as Kurt except the straight scope.

Took my Manfrotto carbon tripod as well. It was worth having that top end tripod.

The guides will have a decent spotter and I was told that I really didn’t need to take my scope but it is a critical component for mountain hunting in my book.

I did leave the 15’s at home, though. The 10’s were fine for finding animals and the top end scope and tripod was excellent for judging horns and antlers at very long distance. I think my guide may have used my scope as much or more than I did.

Good luck man! Hope you have an adventure of two lifetimes!

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