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Fiber optic repair to pins
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nehunter 14-Jan-19
Buck Watcher 15-Jan-19
Ucsdryder 15-Jan-19
Bou'bound 16-Jan-19
nehunter 16-Jan-19
Moose2367 16-Jan-19
Boatman71 16-Jan-19
GBTG 17-Jan-19
From: nehunter

nehunter's embedded Photo
nehunter's embedded Photo
Anyone know if anybody fixes broken fiber optic spools on sights? I love this one for Bear hunting in dark places. The fibers have cracked over the years. Thanks for the help.

From: Buck Watcher
You can buy fibers several places online and replace it yourself. You need to know how long and diameter. Google is your friend. What sight is it?

From: Ucsdryder
I helped a buddy repair his. It was amazingly easy.

From: Bou'bound
Used to be a place to order called fitzfiber. Lots of options with them.

From: nehunter
I'm traveling, I'll look when I get home.

I tried doing it myself, cracked the fiber way to easy.

From: Moose2367
Brands won't matter either, i was told from Spot Hogg that there are only 2-3 manufacturers of the fibre. When you melt the end, heat something metal, even a lighter surround will do, and touch the fibre, if you use the flame it will burn a lot more and it won't be straight at the end

From: Boatman71
I just recently bought fiber from a guy on ebay for my Sure Loc. He sells it in various lengths/diameters and priced accordingly. Many colors available. If you don't get anywhere with this and need, let me know I will get you his ebay information. Its really easy stuff to work with, just don't want to bend it too harshly.

From: GBTG
I've got it at Lancaster Archery.

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