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DonVathome 15-Jan-19
kota-man 15-Jan-19
DonVathome 15-Jan-19
Dirk Diggler 15-Jan-19
Ucsdryder 15-Jan-19
Zbone 15-Jan-19
Bou'bound 15-Jan-19
WV Mountaineer 15-Jan-19
APauls 15-Jan-19
GF 15-Jan-19
smarba 15-Jan-19
sitO 15-Jan-19
AZ~Rich 16-Jan-19
From: DonVathome

From: kota-man
Looks like it is already gone...What was it?

From: DonVathome
It was a woman posing with a nice male lion dead only to have another male lion, and apparently attacked them As they were about to take pictures

From: Dirk Diggler

Dirk Diggler's Link

From: Ucsdryder
Looked fake to me. That lion didn’t come in hard with his ears back like he was in attack mode.

From: Zbone
That video has been around a while, at least a couple years, it was found to be fake if I remember correctly...

From: Bou'bound
oh yeah...that's real

for sure.


It's been around for a while. And, I'm betting it is 100% real. Never been there and hunted lions. However, of the video's I've seen with people doing it, If there were two males, the PH always said they had to watch for the live one after killing the first one.

From: APauls
Not sure what it is about the video that makes it look so fake

From: GF
If I’m remembering the same one that you guys have been looking at… The second lion comes in in a pretty casual manner.

Always made me think that maybe they were pen-raised lions. Still very dangerous to be around, but with some of the wild edge taken off…

From: smarba
The Ghost and the Darkness...

From: sitO
Looks like the last 10yrs hit Sigfried & Roy hard

From: AZ~Rich
Fake, Lion is in far distance then in seconds appears to cover hundreds of yds which would mean it was running full on. Then it lopes on by the photo frame appearing calm not like a lion charging.

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