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Mexico Hunt Reports?
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
sticksender 15-Jan-19
Kurt 16-Jan-19
Sam 16-Jan-19
molsonarcher 16-Jan-19
sticksender 16-Jan-19
Treeline 17-Jan-19
Charlie Rehor 17-Jan-19
Sam 17-Jan-19
From: sticksender
Anyone back from Coues hunting south of the border?

I've heard that huge amounts of rain fell in Sonora last fall, making waterhole hunting tougher.

From: Kurt
Greg, S AZ is wet with water holes and washes containing water and sometimes dry streams now running. It is very humid in the AM as well. Quite a bit of grass growth from earlier too, plus green underneath from recent rains. Good luck!

From: Sam
Leaving sunday for south of Hermosillo, pushed hunt back from Dec 12th to Jan 20th because of all the water, really hoping things have dried up. At least it’s the rut.

From: molsonarcher
Heading to Chihuahua end of next week. Outfitter says there is lots of water, and they had snow about 10 days ago. The deer are still using the waterholes/tanks, just lots more for them to choose from. Rutting has started, not sure how ramped up it is. I will be hearing from him again this weekend.

From: sticksender
Sam are you hunting with Ward's?

From: Treeline
Have several buddies down south for the last couple of weeks but no reports back on success.

Gonna be a great year for AZ elk antler growth:)

From: Sam

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