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Man tried to save deer, now faces fine
Whitetail Deer
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From: Zbone

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Pennsylvania man tried to save deer stuck in frigid lake; now he faces a hefty fine:


This is as ridiculous as the guy in CA who got fined for shooting a mountain lion in the chest that was stalking him. Sometimes wardens just feel the need to write a ticket and can't see the forest for the trees. I'm sure the judge will throw it out.

From: Fields
LOL.. I know you need laws, but...... I give them the benefit, but this is just another example of why people don't respect game wardens.. I agree with it being thrown out, but does the commission really need the extra negative attention. Ridiculous iMO..

Total jack-wagon move by the PA game officer. I hope he gets a hearty slap on the forehead for being a grinch in a situation with no apparent motive of gain by the Stoll fellow. No mention whether he was a hunter, but guys who go out to hunt deer are often the ones who step up to protect them in such a tough situation. If this isn't tossed, they have set a precendent for folks leaving wildlife to their own fate.

From: APauls
We once raised a fawn whose mom had been hit by a car when I was a kid. Let it out and loose in the back 40 the day before the CO's arrived. I guess they'd heard about it. They saw all the tracks in the cage with the door open and my dad says "well I do put food in there, so they come in to eat." lol. Ya sometimes putting their heart in the right place wouldn't hurt.

From: Deerplotter
I wouldn’t jump to conclusions on him getting fined. He states he expected to receive it by mail. He may get nothing, he may get a warning too. No citation has been issued. This could merely be the game commission getting a point across to other do gooders to let nature run its course and leave the wildlife to the wild. Let’s see how it really plays out before you rail on the Game Warden.

From: RutnStrut
This isn't a surprise. it's the first thing I thought of when I saw this guys video last week.

From: Shug
“ Like”

I thought the same thing rut. It’s another one of those situations where what you did really wasn’t a big deal but posting it on social media is going to find somebody who doesn’t like it and makes it a big deal. Do what you do, there’s not always a need to broadcast it to the world

From: coelker
So I completely agree with the officers. We can not have a precedent where everyone who sees any animals that appears to be struggling is emboldened to bring them home. Animals die in nature all the time and who are we to interfere?

I can understand the want to help and likely would have helped myself, but I also would not post all over social media and I would expect some sort of fine. No different then when you see an elk with her jaw blown off on the winter range starving to death, putting it down is the right thing, but you should be prepared for the consequences.

From: RutnStrut
"Do what you do, there’s not always a need to broadcast it to the world"

Very well said stick and string.

From: Hh76
I don't know how I feel. Try to help it out of the pond, yes, but to drag it home, put it in the garage, cover with blankets and rub it's head?

From: Muskrat
The law in this case has an obvious purpose, but this is an obvious case, once the mans intentions were clear beyond a reasonable doubt, for him to get a warning and not a fine.

From: Topgun 30-06
From: Hh76 17-Jan-19 I don't know how I feel. Try to help it out of the pond, yes, but to drag it home, put it in the garage, cover with blankets and rub it's head?

The guy in question didn't drag it out of the pond. The Fire Department and other citizens did and when the guy arrived on the scene he asked if he could take it home to try and warm it up and nobody had a problem with him doing that. Then the GW came to his home at least a day later and said he'd be ticketed, which is absolute BS when a verbal warning at the worst would have been the appropriate way to go about things. Stuff like this GW pulled is what really makes most LE people that have some common sense look bad to the general public that see something so negative like this.

From: Deerplotter
At this point maybe that is all he will get. A verbal. We don’t know. There is another side to the story we have not heard. Perhaps he was told what the penalties could be and he is misrepresented how it was really handled and explained. Happens all the time.

From: Woods Walker
Sometimes you have to do what's RIGHT, and maybe not necessarily legal.

Several years ago I had a yearling fawn get hit by a car in front of my home. It was in the ditch flopping around. We called the sheriff and after 10 minutes of waiting/flopping I couldn't take it anymore and got the .22, walked out there and put a bullet between it's eyes. (Where I live discharging a firearm on your property is legal......but I was in the ROW). 5 minutes later the sheriff's deputy arrived. I walked out there and he asked me if I shot it. I told him that I had and he just looked at me and said, "Thanks".............COMMON SENSE!!!

Gentlemen the fact is a free America is an illusion we now live in what is essentially a free range prison and we are all inmates there in. To day in America there are over 18,000 ARMED Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies through out the United states and it is estimated that there are between 750,000 and 800,000 sworn officers presently employed in those agencies. A very disturbing statistic when one considers we have only 1,281,900 active members in all branches in our entire armed forces. President Clinton alone signed over 25,000 new federal laws in to being in only 8 years or 2,920 days. That's an average of eight new laws created every single day of his entire time in office. There are so many Federal, state and local laws in effect and more signed in to law daily we will eventually all be law breakers if we aren't already.

From: Dutch oven
So what happens when Bambi gets warmed up and impales this do-gooder with his antlers? Leave the deer alone once it's out of the water.

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