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greenmountain 18-Jan-19
I didn't know where to post this so I chose small game. I am planning a few upgrades this year. Not all are archery related but all are hunting related. I finally plan to put a 'scope on my old .22 so I can shoot a squirrel or two while scouting. My eyes don't see the open sights as well as they once did. I plan to but some new late season boots. This is the time of year to break them in. I also plan to buy some camo clothes as they rices plummet and the racks are being changed over to summer duds. I am working on my shoulder . It has been acting up for the last couple of years and I figure pulling a big rubber band every day should tone muscle and help repair tendons through light work. As others have said there is the general conditioning that comes after a lazy December.

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