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New official World Record Nontypical!
Mule Deer
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From: 5575

5575's embedded Photo
5575's embedded Photo

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303 gross 291 1/8 net its official! I'd heard about it right after it was shot since a friend was there to green score it. They knew it was going to be the new P&Y nontypical but the guy wasn't sure if he wanted all the attention. It looks like he decided to share this amazing animal with the world, beating the old record by 16 inches. Simply amazing! Saskatchewan had an unprecedented year for giant 240+ inch nontypical muleys being taken rewriting the record books! Amazing what wet spings accompanied by fall droughts will do for antler growth! Here is the story.

From: Nick Muche
Any other photos? Congrats to the hunter, what a buck!

From: Overland
Wow. A new NT Whitetail and a new NT Mulie in the same year. It's amazing what is out there!

From: t-roy
Congrats to the hunter on a great buck. No disrespect at all intended, but I’m surprised, just looking at the pic, that this buck scores that highly. Not doubting it, but I’ve seen pics lots of non typical archery mulies killed, that were way more impressive (to me) than this buck. Surprising than many of those bucks didn’t score higher than they did.

Amazing deer! One of the top places to kill a giant Muley in North America. And it’s even more amazing that all these big deer come out of province that has had chronic CWD for years!

From: Ucsdryder
Troy, I thought the exact same thing. We’re just so used to all the long arms!

From: 5575
Its all in how you take pics now days, guys can long arm 140 whitetails with wide angle lenses and make them look like 190s. When a normal guy takes an average picture with a giant deer sometimes it doesn't do the animal justice that's for sure. I hear you there Mike! CWD where the "cure" is worse than the disease!!

From: jcurri
I don't think that's a little guy either. Makes the deer look smaller. Awesome buck

From: tradmt
Notice how the ears aren’t droopy. :)

From: JTV
damn thats ugly ... the deer does look good however .... ;0)

From: Treeline
JTV x2!

From: ohiohunter
Sweet buck! Love that chocolate brown throughout base to tip

From: sticksender
Beautiful buck.

From: David A.
Too bad they don't have at least a limited NonResident mule deer hunt...

Show up to the convention in Omaha and take a look at 5 new P&Y World Records... Cannot wait. The "good ol' days are now...." Ed F

From: Mule Power
T Roy.... you read my mind. I swear I’ve seen bucks way bigger than that. Be nice to see it at better angles. But still....

From: Rob Nye
Most mature muleys in SK have huge bodies -as in lots of them are pushing 300 lbs - so that hunter must be one big dude which may skew the photo to make the rack look smaller. Hope they got some better pics but regardless, congrats to the hunter.

From: Jaquomo
Amazing buck. It would look a lot bigger if he hunkered down and sat four feet behind it.

From: Fauntleroy
Whoa! Killer buck, but you're killing me with that mullet.

Tons of trash coming off the side of the rack on both sides and lots of points off the bases and a really good typical frame. Some rear photos and side angled photos would probably give a better idea of what's there. It takes a lot to tally up 300 inches.

From: Yellowjacket
Like others I don't see it from that picture, but if its official then I guess it is. That must be one big dude though.

From: njbuck
Heck of a deer!

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