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Best Mexico Outfitter for Mule Deer
Mule Deer
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David A. 19-Jan-19
PAstringking 21-Jan-19
flyingbrass 21-Jan-19
Mike Ukrainetz 21-Jan-19
JimJones 21-Jan-19
Jaquomo 21-Jan-19
wildwilderness 21-Jan-19
bowbender77 22-Jan-19
Mike Ukrainetz 24-Jan-19
From: David A.
Any suggestions for Mexico Outfitters for Mule Deer bow? I would prefer an outfitter who is either the rancher or else has a long term arrangement with the rancher as too many outfitters overhunt their ranches and are moving to new ranches after just a season or two. I am primarily looking for thick vegetation with a lot of trees as I prefer to bring my own light weight tripods that I enjoy hunting out of. I don't need to spot and stalk or drive around on a high rack, my specialty is calling deer. Hunting water or bait is an option, not against it really as I'm hunting with recurve and it's hard enough.

Thanks for any suggestions!

From: PAstringking
Nayo Balderrama of Amigos Guides and Outfitters

From: flyingbrass
the last one i booked with stole all my money and stole $20K from the others that were there! My friends had been there 7 years in a row without issues. Please be very careful in Mexico!

Curious, how the heck do you call mule deer?

From: JimJones
easy Mike.

Here Mule Deer. Here Mule Deer...

From: Jaquomo
I believe David uses his voice but I use the Lohman-Flambeau Kmeer Deer call. This past season I called/decoyed 36 bucks inside 60 yards, 21 came inside my recurve range. Not sure what it says to them but I've never heard a muley doe or fawn make that sound, and I spend a LOT of time around them year round.

Does the call only work during the rut, or can it be effective during early season?

From: bowbender77
Jaquomo: I hunted a couple years back during the rut with my wife who had a tag in the Arizona Strip country. We both watched a group of does that stoped on the side of a steep draw and saw one of the does make that same sound that the Kmeer deer call makes. Within less than a minute a nice 4 x 4 buck ran to the group of does and they all went to the top of the hill at 200 yards and stoped again. That was when my wife shot at the buck dropping him in his tracks with her 7mm/08. It was the first time we had ever seen a mule deer vocalize like that. We will never forget it, that's for sure.

So, does the call only work during the rut, or can it be effective during early season??

Because I tell you it would make our archery mule deer spot and stalk hunts in August a whole lot easier if we could just call them over to us instead of having to stalk up on them!? Seriously...

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