Montana Unit 332
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From: cknlg
Have previously hunted Unit 332 in Montana, Archery Elk in September. Had grizzly encounters and bumped into a lot of hunters with minimal harvest opportunity (maybe because of the grizzlies). Not looking for your special spot but your general experience. It is a big unit and wondering if I give it another chance? Feel free to PM me with your experience.

From: c3

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I hunted 6 days in 332 and 319 last year and never saw a single elk on public ground.

I spent way more time further south from there and got into elk every day, but was also competing against dozens of hunters everywhere I went it seems.

It will definitely take a few seasons to truly learn an area and how to hunt it. Jumping around from new spot to new spot isn't the easiest way to get it done, but surely a way to enjoy the beauty Montana has to offer !!!

Cheers, Pete

From: Grunter
Pete that was a great video, I enjoyed it thank you! Makes me wanna be there! Cant wait for Sept

From: cknlg
Yeah, way to go Pete.... Send more awesome videos to flare up my bad case of winteritis.

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