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Elk in West Virginia
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WV Mountaineer 23-Jan-19
Just got an email with a video about reintroduction of elk into West Virginia. Seems it was facilitated in part by RMef. Does anyone know if this is the first time in West Virginia?

First time. Well, they brought more but, this is the first attempt to establish them here in modern times.

From: marktm250
There was a nice write up about it in the latest issue of Bugle magazine. A lot of stuff had to come together to get it done right. Pretty cool.

From: dirtclod Az.
RMEF sent an E-Mail with a video of themselves and others,W.Virginia Fish and Game plus volunteers capturing and transporting 60 Elk from Az. to WV>

From: gobbler

gobbler's embedded Photo
gobbler's embedded Photo
WV bull

Gobbler is a game commissioner for the state and had his hands in the whole process from building the pens to the releasing of them. He’s got the details.

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