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Lobo Outfitters Review???
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McCree 23-Jan-19
Buglmin 23-Jan-19
From: McCree
Looking for reviews from anyone who has hunted lions with Lobo Outfitters...


From: Buglmin
If you're talking about Dick and Mike Ray, they kill a lot of lions here in sw Colorado and New Mexico. They don't like huge lions, but every now and then they kill a monster!! They've killed a lot of lions, and will work their tail off for you. Their dogs are top notch. They know what they're doing, have leases to access a lot of areas. They do like to run lions...

Downside, they kill a lot of small toms, fill the quote here fast. Local guys don't like em, and they'll have several guys cruising roads looking for tracks. I've known the Rays for a very long time. Strictly by the book, run a great hunt and are usually booked solid.

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