Yote? Trail cam pic
Whitetail Deer
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From: DonVathome

DonVathome's embedded Photo
DonVathome's embedded Photo
Coyote? Ohio, pretty big if it is.

From: trackman
He looks big after eating a deer !!!

From: Norseman
Yes, yote Legs are not proportional to body size.

From: bowhawk75
Coyote. I've seen a few in the Coshocton area that were big.

From: GF
I never know how you guys can judge the size of something from a Teryl camp picture unless there is something in there (which I’m not seeing) which provides you with a reference point .

But Yep, sure does look like a coyote to me! ( and as a matter fact, I have absolutely no clue what else you might think it could be… )

From: JTV

From: Franklin

From: Arrowhead
Shot a 70 lb. Yote. They get big. Seen some bigguns in Alabama.

It is my understand Eastern Coyotes are may be a cross with wolves. Apparently not every wolf who met a coyote had designs on killing it. There is no doubt they are larger than their western cousins.

From: GotBowAz
Eastern yotes are much larger. I also notice they have different shades of colors. I had one come under my treestand a few years back. I had to look at it over a lot before I knew for sure it was a yote and not someones dog. It was nearly all black. By the time i was certain it was a yote i missed my opportunity to take it out.


Those Big Males always have short looking legs compared to a full winter hide.

From: leftee

From: DonVathome
Agreed and yes saw a neat show on netflix called coy wolf. REALLY interesting. I know "size" because of tons of deer pics from the same camera. Going to try to get him!

From: Duke
"Seen some bigguns in Alabama." -You been hanging with TBM?! :)

Healthy looking yote that looks like his diet needs a little Pb inserted via .204 or .223.

From: Bou'bound
What else would it be?

From: CurveBow
Eastern coyotes are a cross between red wolves and coyotes. Much larger than western coyotes. Coyotes are “friendly” with red wolves but mortal enemies of gray wolves.

From: Huntiam
When I was a teenager I was big into nighttime calling coyotes and foxes used to make pretty good money for a 18yr old poor farm kid... everyone in the county knew I done it and I was damned good at it... would have 3/4 calls a week from local farmers wanting me to come kill coyotes...one local guy called me one time said he was lost over 3 dozen chickens to a mtn lion wanted me come down...now I’m in Virginia and have killed literally 100s of red foxes, grey foxes, and coyotes never I told him it wasn’t a mtn lion but I would be down...( still to this day I would have to see a mtn lion in Virginia with my own eyes to believe it)... anywho I show up one night call 12/15 mins turn light on nothing...turn call back on call 5 mins flip light on and standing not 30 yards is the biggest coyote I ever saw...I killed it almost a charcoal color and weighed 76lbs..I really thought I had killed a wolf or something...2 days later a biologist cams and looked at this animal and told me it was a coydog said a coyote had bred with a domesticated dog...chicken deaths stopped after that . But I wish to god I had a pic of it because it was the coolest thing I guess I’ve ever killed in Virginia to this day...

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