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Alaska bear poachers sentenced
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spike78 24-Jan-19
GF 24-Jan-19
Huntskifishcook 24-Jan-19
drycreek 24-Jan-19
Redheadtwo 24-Jan-19
marktm250 24-Jan-19
Paul@thefort 24-Jan-19
Korey Wolfe 24-Jan-19
IdyllwildArcher 24-Jan-19
dirtclod Az. 24-Jan-19
Nick Muche 24-Jan-19
From: spike78

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Not sure if this was posted but what do you think of the sentence? Disgusting shooting cubs.

From: GF
You could almost argue that killing the cubs was the only merciful thing that could be done at that point, but the rest of their actions make it pretty clear that they just don’t function on that wavelength....

Pretty flipppin’ pathetic....

Brad, I think Alaska fish and game don't mess around. I think the sentence is a good one and probably tougher than he'd get in any other State. Forfeiting boats, vehicles and guns is gonna hurt! I'd always like to see these clowns get more time though....

From: drycreek
You got to wonder just WTF people are thinking that do that.

From: Redheadtwo
One more thing to add to their sentence:place these two between a sow and her cubs putting them where they can't get away from mama bear.

From: marktm250
Pathetic. Only hope here is that the general public understands that they were in no way hunters ... just a couple of goons with guns with no appreciation for wildlife or ethics for that matter. Would have loved to have seen the look on their face when they denied it and then the officers told them "we have undeniable video evidence".

From: Paul@thefort
Interesting story. A few years back two hunters here in Colorado killed a bear that was in its den (cave). They had found tracks leading in. Went and purchased a left over bear tag and came back and with a flashlight, spotted the bear and killed it. Turning out to be one of the largest bears even to be killed in Colorado.

This action led the Colorado Wildlife Commission to approve and then add to the "Illegal To Do section" of the big game brochure, ie, illegal to bother or killed a bear in its den"

At the time it was not illegal but surely deemed unethical.

From: Korey Wolfe
So was is bear season when they killed the mother?

Mmm... cubs

From: dirtclod Az.
I they took the momma bear home...that could be forfieted too. Storing illegally taken game.

From: Nick Muche
No closed season on black bears in many parts of Alaska, most of PWS as well.

Can’t shoot a sow with cubs though. Likely shot the sow and realized it had Cubs. Pretty piss poor situation they got themselves in.

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