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12 Wyoming Points...
Mule Deer
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'Ike' (Phone) 24-Jan-19
IdyllwildArcher 25-Jan-19
'Ike' (Phone) 25-Jan-19
BOHNTR 25-Jan-19
SDHNTR(home) 25-Jan-19
'Ike' (Phone) 25-Jan-19
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Trial153 25-Jan-19
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Rutnbuck 09-Sep-19
wytex 23-Sep-19
One under max seems like no-mans land at times...Looking at maybe 87 and 89! Any other LQ units to look at near those? I just like this area of WY and also hope to draw a Elk Tag in there one day...

This is a bigger dilemma than being one under on elk. For elk, you have options. For deer, certain units i won't mention in public will still be in the max pool till people start dying. If you want to wait that long, the good news is, the unit is still huntable when you're in your 80s.

I've hunted the strip in AZ. I'd rather have a certain deer tag in WY than a strip tag. By far. On the strip, you're hunting a dozen 250 inch deer spread out over an area the size of one of the New England states in 100 degree weather. In WY, you're hunting 200+ inch deer that are grouped into an area that's several square miles and you have to beat the 170s off with a stick.

I dunno G - I put in for it every year and having burned my WY deer points, I'm still in the same boat as you are. I don't know what to say.

Yup Ike, hard to say...Depends on the Elk draw, but not holding my breath! Would like to be done with one or the other, so that I can focus on just the one...If that’s possible! Lol

I have max deer points......just looking at a good year to go.

From: SDHNTR(home)
My bro rifle hunted 89 this last year. Lots of deer, not many mature ones. Based on the shockingly high number of young 3pts he saw in the back of people's rigs, easy to understand why. He said it was a total zoo and most people seemed to shoot the first buck they saw. It was on my radar too. Was being the operative word.

Roy, want to put in together...Lol! Thanks Nate, yeah I've heard that and genetics in both units aren't there...

Search goes on...

Wife and I both have max and don’t see anything worth applying for at this point. It may be that way for a long time.

From: Trial153
G and H took beating of late. I don't see the point of burning a lot of points on them at this point. I would wait it for a better return unless there was something very specific you had in mind.

From: 'Ike'
I know, that's why I say it feels like no-mans land...Just nothing really out there...Yet!

From: Rutnbuck
What kind of camping options is there around 89? looking at 2020

From: wytex
Lots of great bucks out here in areas not mentioned often online. G and H are not where they all are.

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