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What would you do?
Whitetail Deer
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Limbhanger 26-Jan-19
PECO 26-Jan-19
JohnMC 26-Jan-19
GF 26-Jan-19
powder 26-Jan-19
Scrappy 26-Jan-19
From: Limbhanger

From: PECO
Were they on your land? Turn them in. Were they trespassing on neighbors land? Turn them in. If they were legal, give them the congrats due.

From: JohnMC
If you own the place and they trespassed turn them. Get truck info. Hold them until cops get there if you can do it with out getting shot.

From: GF
All that work you did gives you ZERO legal or “moral” claim to the wildlife on your property.


Private Property is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

I would need a pretty damn good reason to decide not to call the cops on anyone who were to discharge a firearm on my property without my permission for ANY reason not directly related to protecting the life of my friend or family member.

Right now, I can’t think of one.

From: powder
Did they shoot the buck on your land or not? If they are trespassing and you dont like trespassing turn them in. It doesnt matter how much you think you have special connections to any wildlife, its just not anybodys to claim until a harvest is made. It sucks but thats how it works.

From: Scrappy
Well I guess you guys didn't tell him what he wanted to hear. So he took his bat and ball and left.

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