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IQ bowsights?
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Too Many Bows Bob 27-Jan-19
ohiohunter 27-Jan-19
BOHUNTER09 27-Jan-19
nvgoat 27-Jan-19
SixLomaz 27-Jan-19
BOWUNTR 27-Jan-19
bucman 28-Jan-19
jwellsvt 28-Jan-19
Hunt98 29-Jan-19
smarba 29-Jan-19
Jack Harris 30-Jan-19
Slam38 01-Feb-19
Grubby 01-Feb-19
I'm tired of messing with a peep sight and was wondering about the IQ bowsights. Any users like/dislike them

There's a wide range of pricing on them, and I was wondering about needing the micro adjust or just get the less expensive one.



From: ohiohunter
I grabbed a less expensive IQ sight but have yet to play with it. I figure it’s a small investment vs the higher end models. If I like it I’ll keep it or up grade and pass the lesser on.

Been using a no peep which is similar to the IQ sight for over 15 years. No peep sight needed. Works great for me

From: nvgoat
Bohunter X2. Love the no-peep which is basically the same technology

From: SixLomaz
EZV Sight

I love my IQ sight... definitely let's you know if you are torqing. I still use a peep. Quality built. Ed F

From: bucman
The pro versions used to have a smaller and more exact retina alignment dot thing. I felt it was more precise. Have used both and think they are great. I've used them itch and without a peep. Wouldn't hesitate to use one again. I now use a peep and I sold the sights I had to friends. One of them swears he shoots better with the IQ sight ( no peep ) than he did with a peep and his old sight.

From: jwellsvt
Been using an Anchor Sight by Archery Innovations in place of a peep sight for many years. I believe the concept of the IQ sight is the same. You won't regret losing the peep.

From: Hunt98
I used the old ‘No Peep’ for many years and I like it very much. I switched to the IQ sight (Ultra Lite) a few years ago. I like the Retina Lock part of the sight. Some improvements that I would like to see is better pin brightness in low light conditions and different colors on the pins.

From: smarba
Used No-Peep for decade+ before the IQ. Love the IQ 7 pin. I feel the pins are plenty bright for me. If I can't see the pins it's WAY too dark to shoot.

From: Jack Harris
I tried a 3 pin IQ on my new TRIAX last year. I did take a doe and great buck with it but it was defective. The adjustments for the green dot were very loose, and I was always chasing it. I proved time and again, after a few shots, it would move. So I replaced it with a trophy ridge. I showed it to the shop I got it from and they agree, there was too much play in the adjustment and it would not stay set. I am fine with a peep and standard multi-pin site, no need for this after all.

From: Slam38
I have a new in box 5 pin IQ ULTRA SITE for 60.00 if anyone interested just PM me

From: Grubby
I had the same problems as jack. I bought a spot Hogg to replace it and haven’t regretted it

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