locating CO elk via map - need advice
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ArkansasArcher 27-Jan-19
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Dikndirt 28-Jan-19
My hunting partner and I are going on our first Colorado OTC hunt in September of 2018. Not our first backpack hunt, we do it often here in the "mountains" of Arkansas, but our first out of state hunt. We have chosen a unit and general area but can't narrow down any specific spots we want to check out or or give priority to given our lack of elk hunting experience. We don't have the time off to make a summer scouting trip happen so all of our scouting will be done via maps. I'd like to share some satellite and topo map pics with some people in private messages and get some advice on specific areas to focus on or at least start with. Thanks in advance.

From: Paul@thefort
go to the CPW website. under THINGS TO DO, SEE hunting. look around andfind interactive mapping of big game species. and then find the unit you will be hunting. Will show summer range for elk and migration patterns. Should help some to narrow down a hunting spot.

From: Mule Power
High benches around the elevation where water is surfacing is always a good bet.

From: Kodiak
North and east facing slopes that have a lot of water and green grass.

When you get out there, cover a lot of ground and listen for bugles. If you're not into elk, don't pound the same territory every day looking for them. Good luck.

From: Scrappy
Check out Rndy Newbergs stuff on YouTube. He has some very detailed mapping info on going to a new spot and locating elk. But just as important he covers how to eliminate spots to narrow your map down just the more productive areas to concentrate on.

From: Dikndirt
I was given some sound advice years ago that has proved true. On steep slopes look for benches, on flatter areas look for steep draws or canyons! The Elk will be there.

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