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From: Firehuntfish

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Please check out these new all-inclusive safari packages we are offering as special limited promotional offers for the 2019-2020 seasons at Limcroma....

Deal#1) Best of Africa Lucky 7 Package for 2 or more hunters all-inclusive of the following:

7-days, with 7-animals per hunter sharing 1 chalet double occupancy...

$3450 7-days 2x1 with PH $3975 7-days 1x1 with PH

Trophy animals included: 1 Gemsbok 1 Blue Wildebeest 1 Zebra 1 Impala or Blesbok or Warthog (Hunter’s choice) 3 Cull animals (PH’s choice)

*This package will also include 1 evening of night hunting 2x1.... **Non-exportable varmint animals such as baboons, monkeys, and jackals can be taken for free!.... *** Additional trophy animals and extra hunting days can be added at a specially discounted rate for both package offers.....

Deal #2) 7-Day Couples Safari Package with 40"+ Sable $5,950

7 days for you and your significant other hunting 1x1 with your PH, inclusive of the trophy fee for 1 trophy sable 40” or better.

1 full day of sightseeing and photo safari to Pilanesberg National Park

½ day of “the works” full spa treatment for the lady

1 evening to enjoy a private romantic African “Sundowner” riverside that includes hours devours & champagne.

Rifle and bow hunters welcome. See the Hunt/Specials section of Bowsite for a full list of inclusions and more details. Only a limited number of these packages are on offer, and limited dates still available for 2019. First-come, first-serve for 2020... Package deals not valid as an add-ons to any donation hunt where standard rates apply, or as a substitute to an existing hunt agreement. Thank you for your interest in Limcroma Safaris!

Contact Dan at or 954-328-6314 for available dates and questions.

From: Firehuntfish
Just to clarify for those who have asked.... These hunt packages are both a full 7 days and 7 nights in camp hunting.... Not 5 days hunting with an arrival and departure day.

From: swatmedic
PM sent.

From: t-roy
The sable prices have really come down in recent years! They were $8,000 when I went in 2015. They are the most beautiful of the plains game animals, IMO. Can’t go wrong with Limcroma!

From: g5smoke21
My wife and I are heading over to hunt with Limcroma end of May. We are doing the sable package as well as a few other animals and wing shooting for myself. She will be going after her very first animal and has chosen a kudu. Couldn't be more excited for this adventure and to watch her harvest her first animal.

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