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Leupold Customer Service =Excellent
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After reading the Swarovski thread though I would post one about Leopold. I sent in a pair of 12x50 binos I bought 5 years ago for a repair. One eye piece had stuck to where I could not move it and the other was stripped and would not stay in place. I assumed they would send me back the same pair as I just needed eye pieces replaced and the optics part was still great. They sent a brand new paid back instead. I'll keep buying Leopold in the future.

From: Bill Obeid
All of my optics are either Swarovski or Luepold.

Both companies make great products.... and when I have had an issue they’ve treated me like royalty. I can’t imagine that I could have chosen two better companies to do business with .... and that’s over a 40 year relationship

From: PoudreCanyon
Leupold is best in the biz in respect to customer service. Only rifle scopes I buy.

From: CPMike
Stands, did you call first and then send them? I have a pair the the rubber eye piece fell off of and I have emailed them and called them and left messages and have never heard back from them. If you called what number did you call? I really like all of my Luepold products and will stick with them just wish I could get some help with these binoculars.

From: Dale06
I have many leupold scopes and have needed customer service once, and was very pleased. My binocs are Swarovski. Sent them back once and was well handled. Also have a few Zeiss conquest scopes, no problems and a Leica rf no problems. You get what you pay for in optics.

From: BigStriper
Mike, I had a pair of Leupold Cascade ( $350 ) binoculars that my Son gave me about 9 years ago. One of the eye Cup's twisted in and out and the other wouldn't twist back in. I got on the Leupold Website and got there phone number and called them, I believe I had to wait until it was my turn (other callers ahead of me) but it was worth waiting. I told them the problem and they told me Pack them up Real good and send them in and they would repair or replace them. They also told me to get on there website and print out a form they have telling of the problem with the binoculars and send that with them so they know what is wrong when they get them, (Sounds complicated but it wasn't if I can do it ). I sent them in and told them that if they had to replace them I would like to ungrade to a more expensive model and from 8 power to a 10 power if possible and not cost me to much money, well after about 3 weeks I called them and I don't remember his name ( might have been Mike ) answered and said I should have heard something by now and he would check after they got out of there meeting. Next day he called me back and told me they couldn't repair my bino's and were going to send a NEW pair, I asked about the upgrade to the pair I had been looking at ( More than 2 times the price of the original pair I sent them ) and he told me that would be a direct replacement and no charge, BUT I would have to pay $20 for the Upgrade from 8 to 10 power, I said as quickly as I could, Will a Credit Card Work. I think it was $21.49 Shipped. Leupold did Better than I ever hoped for, and I couldn't see how ANYBODY could do any better, maybe as good. Mike the only phone number I have for Leupold is 1- 800-538-7653 and I hope you have as good of luck with them as I did.


From: Wayniac
Over the years, I have had 3 used (gold ring) scopes factory tuned, at just the cost of postage. Great service, pretty quick turnaround. Scopes are zeroed back to factory specs and holding great.

Easy - print the form out from online, add serial number if you have one, describe the issue or requested service, and check the box to either have them contact you if a replacement is required or replace without contacting you.

I've also had good luck with Bushnell camera service.

From: Cornpone
Many years ago I sent a 3X9 scope back to them because, as you slowly rotated it, you could hear a "tink" from inside. They fixed and sent it back no cost to me. It was a scope I bought used so no receipt or whatever. I still use that scope, having been on several rifles.

Probably the best all around deal on optics going.


standswittaknife's Link
All you have to do is fill in this request and mail the binos in.

From: CurveBow
I recently sent in a 2X Leupold pistol scope (I called first for a Return Authorization). I bought the scope used about 20 years ago; maybe more! I had the scope on a S&W 22 LR handgun. One day I too it out to shoot and the duplex reticle looked like an X instead of a +. The gun still shot perfectly!

A couple of weeks later, I got a phone call. The scope was not repairable as it was no longer produced. The Tech said I could get a refund or a 4X pistol scope. I said I'd take the 4X. A week later, I was surprised when a brand new 2X pistol scope was delivered. Not sure why I didn't get the 4X, but did not care and did not call them back.

Great service. Also need to send in a 10-20X compact spotting scope. The image in it is crooked, no matter how you hold it. This one is the dogs fault as I brought the scope in from the back deck on a tripod. I had it set up temporarily in the dining room while I brought guns, etc. back in and my dog knocked it over. This post is a good reminder to get that done!

From: timex
sent back a 30+ year old 2.5×8 vari×3 that would not hold zero & a few days later got a call asking if I wanted my new scope blue or Matt finish. have an old (I bought it used in 88) fixed 12× I recently sent it back & they changed the fine × to a dot & cleaned the lenses for $60. that's imo first class service

From: WapitiBob
Couldn’t give me another Leupold scope. My offshore made rangefinder works awesome. Bad experiences tend to stick with a person.

Agreed. Top notch company!

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